How to Navigate Conflict Jeffery Baker
How to Navigate Conflict
Jeffery Baker
1. Don't Avoid Conflict 2 MINS
2. Build a Better Bridge 4 MINS
3. How Do You React in Conflict? 5 MINS
4. Manage Your Natural Response 3 MINS
5. Address the Behavior, Value the ... 6 MINS
6. Be Genuine and Authentic 4 MINS
Conflict is something most people dread and typically avoid. Yet when conflict is engaged in correctly, it can become a beneficial process in which we deepen our relationship with another person. In this six-part series, Dr. Jeffery Baker, clinical psychologist, shares strategies for facing conflict with confidence and growing in our skill of lovingly addressing the issues we face with other people.

This video series has a companion Training Course with discussion questions that can be found here:
In this series, clinical psychologist Dr. Jeff Baker, PhD, explores five topics concerning mental health: addiction, anxiety, codependency, grief, and depression. Dr. Baker explains how these five topics manifest themselves in our lives and how to recognize them. Dr. Baker describes how the brain functions when experiencing depression, anxiety, & addiction, and what that may look like externally. This series also offers practical advice for getting help for yourself, a friend, loved one, or employee who is struggling in one of these areas.
1. Addiction 10 MINS
2. Anxiety 18 MINS
3. Codependency 10 MINS
4. Grief 13 MINS
5. Depression 17 MINS
All of us have something we’d like to change. Maybe we want to eat well, be more assertive, or become a better listener. Leaders can adopt an instrumental role in helping those they lead make changes in their lives. In this eight-part series, clinical psychologist Dr. Jeffery Baker speaks to leaders on how to coach people through the stages of growth.

This video series has a companion Training Course with discussion questions that can be found here:
1. The Six Stages 5 MINS
2. See the Need to Grow 9 MINS
3. Thinking About Change? 9 MINS
4. Think Ahead 4 MINS
5. Some Plans are Better Than ... 6 MINS
6. Plan in Action 4 MINS
7. Maintain the Plan 4 MINS
8. Manage Relapse 6 MINS
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