Struggling With Judgement David Ingall
Struggling With Judgement
David Ingall
Trailer 1 MIN
1. Starting the Journey 18 MINS
2. Broken! 15 MINS
3. Poison! 16 MINS
4. Getting Emotional 14 MINS
5. The Cross 14 MINS
6. The End 19 MINS
A new six-part film series journeying through Britain and the Bible to discover how a God of love can also be a God of judgement.

Episode 1: Starting the Journey
David Ingall starts a journey around London and through the Bible exploring if we've misunderstood judgement.

Episode 2: Broken!
David Ingall explores how law courts and broken cars can help us understand God's judgement.

Episode 3: Poison!
David Ingall turns to Shakespeare for help in understanding how judgement may actually be a good thing.

Episode 4: Getting Emotional
From Jane Austen to Soho, David Ingall goes on an emotional journey to come to terms with God's judgement.

Episode 5: The Cross
David Ingall looks at banks, tragedies and Richard Nixon to help us work out judgement and the cross.

Episode 6: The End
David Ingall takes a road trip to visit a famous medieval painting and asks whether final judgement is as bad news as we think.

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