Effective Leadership in the Marketplace Dan Cathy
Effective Leadership in the Marketplace
Dan Cathy
1. The Problem in the Mirror 2 MINS
2. Truth Tellers 4 MINS
3. Leaders to be Admired 3 MINS
4. Embracing Change 2 MINS
5. Commitments and Values 4 MINS
6. Making Things Simple 3 MINS
7. The Future of Business 4 MINS
8. Balancing Change and Truth 5 MINS
9. Bonus Video: Timeless Truths 6 MINS
What are the marks of an effective business leader? Can Christian companies be both culturally relevant and biblically driven? In this nine-part series produced in partnership with Soderquist Leadership, Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy answers those questions and more as he shares with marketplace leaders how to lead from the front lines with clarity of purpose.

This video series has a companion Training Course with discussion questions that can be found here: https://www.rightnowmediaatwork.org/Training/Course/View/148414

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