Quarantine Quarrels Jenny Boyett
Quarantine Quarrels
Jenny Boyett
1. How Your Wiring Affects Your ... 44 MINS
2. How to Use Words That Help, Not ... 31 MINS
3. Q&A with Kathleen Edelman 28 MINS
Quarantine has a way of magnifying the frustrations...er...differences between family members, doesn't it? Some of us are talkers. Others just want quiet. Some want a family game night. Others a solo Netflix binge. And some are knocking out  to-do lists, while others are FaceTiming with friends. Why are people who live in the same house - maybe even with the same genetics- so different? Kathleen Edelman would say it's your temperament. And while we're all stuck at home, our temperaments are on FULL display.  
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