Business Success and Faith Craig Bahner
Business Success and Faith
Craig Bahner
1. Session 1: Leading with the ... 3 MINS
2. Session 2: Employee Success is ... 1 MIN
3. Session 3: When Faith and ... 1 MIN
4. Session 4: God’s Wisdom for ... 2 MINS
The goals of corporate America and those of the kingdom of God seem to be opposed to each other on the surface. When many CEOs and executives think about business success they emphasize the bottom line—from revenue to payroll. However, the success of an organization ultimately depends on the collective success of the people who are employed by the company. These employees all have varying needs to ensure they are motivated to accomplish their jobs successfully. 

For Christian business leaders, this series highlights the importance of leading and caring for individuals to ensure the company as a whole can be motivated by the right things and allow God’s wisdom to shape their business practices.
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