Leading for Change: Race and Reconciliation Chuck Mingo
Leading for Change: Race and Reconciliation
Chuck Mingo
1. Session 1: A 4-Step ... 9 MINS
2. Session 2: Modeling ... 2 MINS
3. Session 3: Getting Outside Your ... 7 MINS
4. Session 4: Learning Across ... 2 MINS
5. Session 5: Leading with a ... 2 MINS
6. Session 6: Leading Through ... 2 MINS
Arguably, the most contentious subject in society today involves the issues of racial prejudice, diversity, and inclusion. In both a business and church environment, leadership often finds creating space for addressing these issues difficult and many avoid it altogether. 

Nevertheless, with the proper strategy and a posture of humility, organizations can make strides to not only have a more inclusive environment for employees to thrive, but leaders can help catalyze change that extends beyond their companies into local neighborhoods, schools, churches, and society at large. 

Chuck Mingo, pastor and former Proctor and Gamble executive, and Rich McClure, CEO of Unigroup, provide practical steps and firsthand experience for leading organizations to engage issues of race and reconciliation, rooted in the practices of Jesus.
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