Live Life Kingdom-Sized Nilav Kolay
Live Life Kingdom-Sized
Nilav Kolay
Trailer 3 MINS
1. Kingdom Passion 10 MINS
2. Kingdom Paradox 11 MINS
3. Kingdom Preparedness 8 MINS
4. Kingdom Priority 9 MINS
5. Kingdom Perspective 9 MINS
6. Kingdom Power 9 MINS
Jesus declared that He had inaugurated the Kingdom of God, and when we choose to follow Him we become His subjects in the Kingdom. What is my role? How do I live as a Kingdom citizen while on earth? What does that look like in my everyday life?

When we want to live life Kingdom sized, our concerns should be those that concern God. We can no longer be indifferent and distracted from the kingdom.

In these six sessions, pastor Nilav Kolay looks at six parables as recorded in the gospel of Mathew to unpack teachings about the Kingdom. Our King desires that we join Him in his Kingdom and it will only be right for us to honour His desire and live accordingly.
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