Gigi: God Made Princesses in All Shapes and Sizes Sheila Walsh
Gigi: God Made Princesses in All Shapes and Sizes
Sheila Walsh
1. The Princess Hair Do 18 MINS
2. A Trip to the Zoo 16 MINS
3. Gigi and the Purple Ponies 14 MINS
4. The Ginormous Sneeze 16 MINS
Sometimes it's easy for a princess to get caught up in the "looks" department, whether she's straightening her tiara or trying out for the soccer team. God made each of His daughters with their own unique look, and the beauty He looks for is found in the heart.

The Princess Hair Do - When Gigi sees a royal wedding on TV, she decides she wants short hair like the princess- but a do-it-yourself haircut leads to disaster. Gigi's mom helps her understand that God thinks Gigi is beautiful no matter what she looks like on the outside. Based on 1 Peter 3:3-4.

A Trip to the Zoo - Gigi and Frances are excited to go to the zoo and see all the different animals. But the most important lesson they learn is that there are also many different types of people, and our Heavenly Father loves them all. Based on 1 Samuel 16:7.

Gigi and the Purple Ponies - Gigi and Frances try out for soccer together, and Gigi discovers she isn't very good at soccer, while Frances is the star of the team. Gigi finds that God has given different talents to everyone, and He wants us to shine in our gifts, and cheer others on for theirs! Based on Romans 12:6.

The Ginormous Sneeze - When Gigi gets sick, her perfect snow day is ruined! It's just not fair! But Gigi takes comfort in knowing that her Heavenly Father is there for her when she prays to him, and that praising God even when you are disappointed always makes things a little better. Based on Philippians 4:6-7.

Suggested Age: Elementary
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Join her royal pinkness, Gigi, in this four-part series as she learns that it is a princess's royal honor to help others feel as special as she does!

The Royal Tea Party- When Gigi hosts a princess tea party, everything ends up as tangled as her unruly hair! But peace returns to the kingdom when Gigi finds confidence as a daughter of the King. Based on Ephesians 1:5.

The Pink Ballerina- Inspired by a Bible verse about praising God through dance, Gigi recruits her friend Frances to take dance lessons with her. The ballerinas struggle to dance perfectly but are comforted when they learn that God isn't concerned with what they can achieve. He cares how we show love to others. Based on Galatians 6:9.

The Royal Circus- Gigi and her best friend, Frances, are excited about seeing the traveling circus. But when Frances gets sick and can't go, Gigi brings a special royal circus to her, realizing that helping friends is truly exciting! Based on 1 John 4:7.

The Pink Surprise- Gigi's parents have an announcement: a new little princess is soon to join the family! Gigi is ecstatic-until she realizes that her court's attention won't be entirely focused on her. But contentment reigns again when Gigi discovers that she is blessed beyond being first in line to the family throne. Based on Luke 10:21.

Suggested Age: Elementary
1. The Royal Tea Party 16 MINS
2. The Pink Ballerina 16 MINS
3. The Royal Circus 18 MINS
4. The Pink Surprise 15 MINS
Being a princess means more than having a fancy crown or always getting what you want. Gigi knows that as the daughter of the King of kings, she is promised eternal life and eternal love!

Gigi might seem like an ordinary girl, but she knows that inside of her lies the heart of a princess. Gigi loves all things princess—including the color pink, jewels, crowns, and ruffles. So for her birthday, she only wants one thing: the Princess Pinky Starr Castle, a fabulously glittery pink plastic play castle. When her parents get her a different gift instead, she couldn't be more disappointed.

But after Gigi's imagination whisks her away to a fairy-tale dreamland where she learns that getting everything she wants can lead to disaster, Gigi is thrilled to wake up in her very own bed and find that her dad has built her a toy castle that is just as unique as she is. Besides, castles and crowns are not what make Gigi a princess—it's her heavenly Father, the King!

Suggested Age: Elementary
1. Gigi: God Has a Special Plan ... 30 MINS
There's only one gift that matters at Christmas!

Sheila Walsh reminds little girls that Jesus is the true treasure of Christmas. Gigi starts off the season with a huge wishlist of things pink and pretty, but soon realizes she hasn't been thinking about giving gifts to other people she loves. Suddenly the whole season turns into a race to give and receive things—and that just doesn't seem right. Thankfully Gigi's mom and dad were kids once too, and can help their little girl remember how to keep her heart aimed at the real star of Christmas—while still enjoying all the celebrations. “I am bringing you good news. It will be a joy to all the people. Today your Savior was born in David's town. He is Christ, the Lord.” Luke 2:10-11 (ICB)

Suggested Age: Elementary
1. Gigi: Dreaming of a Pink ... 28 MINS
Sheila Walsh
Two new, fully-animated heart-warming episodes:

The White Lie: Sheila Walsh reminds little girls that it's no fun getting in trouble. But when we do wrong and try to cover our sin, things only get worse and our hearts get heavy with guilt. But we have a God who knows our weaknesses and loves us anyway. Teaches the lesson of 1 John 1:8-9 “If we say we have no sin, we are fooling ourselves, and the truth is not in us. But if we confess our sins, he will forgive...and cleanse us from all the wrongs we have done.”  (ICB)

The Pink Surprise:  Sheila Walsh says: “Isn't it fun to be the first in line? When I was young, all the kids would run to get as close as possible to the front.  It's a little like being the only child in a family—you get one hundred percent of your parents' attention, and can sometimes even feel like the world revolves around you. But it turns out that there are other blessings in life besides being first, and Gigi has been blessed with an adventure that will last a lifetime.” Teaches the lesson from Jesus' prayer in Luke 10:21 “Father, you have hidden things from the people who are wise and smart... but shown them to those who are like little children.” (ICB)

Suggested Age: Elementary
1. The White Lie 34 MINS
2. The Pink Surprise 15 MINS
Gigi's First Day of School: Hard to believe, but the ever-confident Gigi is actually nervous about starting first grade. She's heard some rumors from the neighbor kids about the teacher and isn't sure school is for her. Join Tiara, Fluffy and Frances for a wild ride thru Gigi's over-active imagination on her way to growing up. 

Gigi's Fishing Hole: Lake Popplepopper is a glorified pond near Gigi's house. Naturally, Gigi has taken it upon herself to free all the fish living there. But when she and Frances come to finish the task, it seems that mean Mr. Spooner has foiled their plans. Gigi is convinced that this injustice shall not stand. Find out how this roiling conflict was prevented from becoming an all-out feud.
1. Gigi's First Day of School 35 MINS
When things don't turn out as Gigi planned, Dad helps Gigi understand that we each have unique, God-given gifts.

When Gigi and her best friend, Frances, try out for The Purple Ponies soccer team, the competition is stiff. But Dad helps a discouraged Gigi learn that everyone has certain talents and perhaps her talents don't include soccer. As it turns out, Frances makes the team but wants to wait until next year because it wouldn't be as much fun without her best friend on the team. After some royal thinking, Gigi comes decides they both can be part of The Purple Ponies. Frances plays on the team and Gigi becomes a cheerleader for the team. It's a delightful story that shows God has given each of us different abilities, and we need to use them to the best of our ability.
1. Gigi and The Purple Ponies 34 MINS
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