The Warrior Class
The Warrior Class
1. Choose Your Crew Wisely: Part 1 ... 30 MINS
2. Choose Your Crew Wisely: Part 2 ... 33 MINS
3. God Proofs That He Does Exist: ... 16 MINS
4. God Proofs That He Does Exist: ... 21 MINS
5. The Sooner the Better 31 MINS
6. Do Not Conform - Transform: ... 20 MINS
7. Do Not Conform - Transform: ... 26 MINS
8. Miracles- Are They Real? 23 MINS
9. Your Campus Bill of Rights: ... 30 MINS
10. Your Campus Bill of Rights: ... 16 MINS
11. Apologetics - Building Your ... 25 MINS
12. Jesus - Defending The Name: ... 21 MINS
13. Jesus - Defending The Name: ... 21 MINS
14. How to Defend Scriptures: Part ... 25 MINS
15. How to Defend Scriptures: Part ... 24 MINS
Why Join the Warrior Class?
"The Lord goes forth as a mighty warrior...He shall prevail against His enemies" Isaiah 42:13

Here's a Recommendation for Christian Home School and High School Seniors from Kevin Sorbo who Played The Atheist Professor in "God's Not Dead."

"Sadly, atheist professors like the one I portrayed in 'God's not Dead' are much too influential on the vast majority of college campuses today."

"Recent surveys have demonstrated that, confronted and confused by such professors, as many as 70% of Christian students actually lose touch with their faith during their college years."

"Sadly, at the very time that they should be receiving encouragement to thrive, to explore and to build on Godly foundations established through their parents, pastors, and peers, Christian students are challenged and marginalized. As a result, many are kept from their full destiny in Christ."

"The Warrior Class is designed to raise up a new generation of college students, trained to prosper in the face of such challenges and ready to stand as salt and light on campuses across this nation as they nurture and defend their faith. It's not for everyone but, if you feel called, check it out."

The Warrior Class Video Series consists of 15 "Ted Talks" with Q&A from a live audience and Discussion Points for group or self-directed study. The Speakers are all long term Campus Ministry and Apologetics veterans whose hearts have been drawn to the cause of raising up Christian Leaders on campus.

For more information, including Blog Posts and Links to other related Campus Ministries go to: TheWarriorClassUSA

We hope you'll become a Warrior with and for Christ on Campus!!
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