1. Run, Don't Hide 21 MINS
2. Today Is the Day 20 MINS
3. Possess Your Inheritance 23 MINS
4. God Never Wastes a Hurt 21 MINS
5. Highly Unlikely 23 MINS
Shame has no place in the purpose, plan, and destiny God has for us because shame lies to us, robs us of the freedom we long for, and shackles us in the prison of our past.

In this five-session video Bible study, author and teacher Christine Caine weaves examples from her life with those of biblical characters who failed but overcame their shame to show how God heals us and redeems us. In her passionate style, she explains that if we want to change our futures, we have to believe God is bigger than our mistakes, our inadequacies, our pasts, and our limitations. We have to believe God created us for a unique purpose, has a specific plan for us, and has a powerful destiny he wants us to fulfill.

God has already won the victory over sin and shame, and we do not need to spend our lives believing the lies of the deceiver. Instead, we can allow ourselves to be defined by God's truth and choose to see ourselves the way God does - through the lens of his eternal perspective. So join the journey. Stop merely existing and start thriving. Lay hold of the power of Jesus Christ today and step into his future - a beautiful, full, life-giving filled with purpose. You can live unashamed!

Sessions include:

  1. Run, Don't Hide
  2. Today Is the Day
  3. Possess Your Inheritance
  4. God Never Wastes a Hurt
  5. Highly Unlikely

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  Unashamed - Study Guide
  Unashamed - Study Guide w/DVD
Jennie Allen
How do you lead through all of the tensions and every unknown? Watch IF:Lead 2020, from our friends at IF:Gathering, and learn from over 20 teachers as they encourage you to use your gifts to lead right where you are.

Our hope is that IF:Lead 2020 will help you:
  • Feel equipped to study and teach your Bible, as well as bring people together to talk about Jesus.
  • Build the community you have been craving around the mission God has for you.
  • Innovate with your team and friends about how to transform your church, neighborhood, family, or workplace
IF:Lead features teaching and breakout sessions from Jennie Allen, Jefferson Bethke, Christine Caine, Eugene Cho, Toni Collier, John Mark Comer, Layla de la Garza, Annie F. Downs, Jada Edwards…and so many more! 
1. IF:Lead 2020 Welcome 9 MINS
2. IF:Lead 2020 Opening Prayer 2 MINS
3. Root Yourself in Jesus 20 MINS
4. Understanding the Emotional ... 17 MINS
5. Suffering is Not the End of ... 8 MINS
6. Being Faithful Over Fruitful 17 MINS
7. Choosing Patience and Joy 11 MINS
8. Racism, Reconciliation, and the ... 43 MINS
9. Face-to-Face with Jesus 26 MINS
10. What Joy is Not 13 MINS
11. Thou Shall Not Be a Jerk 32 MINS
12. Rest is a Weapon 23 MINS
13. Finding Rest on Your Mission 9 MINS
14. Becoming a Jesus Abider 14 MINS
15. Boldness Over Fear 13 MINS
16. Spirit and Truth 52 MINS
17. IF:Lead Closer 10 MINS
18. Racial Reconciliation 50 MINS
19. Emotions in Leadership 54 MINS
20. Technology 49 MINS
21. Community 44 MINS
22. Rest? 51 MINS
23. Discover Your Gifting 48 MINS
24. Ministry and Business 52 MINS
25. Theology 34 MINS
26. Gen Z and Millennials in Church 51 MINS
27. Mentoring 51 MINS
28. Worship 49 MINS
29. How to Read Your Bible 53 MINS
Christine Caine
Are you thrown for a loop when the unexpected happens? Good news: God has never been surprised.

Life is an unpredictable journey full of twists and turns. The good news is that while we don't always know what's going to happen, we can always trust that God uses everything in our lives as an invitation to rely on him more deeply and completely.

In this five-session video Bible study, bestselling author Christine Caine shows that while most of us have been trained to fear the unexpected and want everything to be "under control," God wants us to anticipate the unexpected with a faith-filled perspective rooted in trust.

We can move from a life with fear, control, and feeling stuck to one full of hope, faith, and trust. In an age of upheaval, we can expect our god to be good and do good. We can trust God in the unpredictable circumstances of life by anticipating, welcoming, and even embracing the unexpected.

Session include:

  1. Expect the Unexpected
  2. Unexpected People
  3. An Unexpected Assignment
  4. Unexpected Endings Bring New Beginnings
  5. Unexpected Resurrection

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1. Expect the Unexpected 23 MINS
2. Unexpected People 25 MINS
3. An Unexpected Assignment 19 MINS
4. Unexpected Endings Bring New ... 20 MINS
5. Unexpected Resurrection 22 MINS
Studies have shown that up to 81% of women and 43% of men have experienced some form of sexual harassment—either verbal or physical—at some point in their lifetime. Reflections: A GC2 Summit on Responding to Sexual Harassment, Abuse, and Violence was a one-day event which challenged and inspired pastors, leaders, and lay Christians to address the very real tragedy in our churches and to begin the healing process of being who God designed all of us to be. We brought together Christian leaders today to address what the Bible says about this tragedy, the destruction of silence, how to protect those who are vulnerable and victimized, the role of accountability in leadership, and much more.

The Summit was sponsored by the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College in partnership with the Wheaton College School of Psychology, Counseling, & Family Therapy.
1. Bible Exposition 24 MINS
2. Unashamed: Why Your Story ... 28 MINS
3. Dear Church Leaders, Here's How ... 25 MINS
4. Dealing with Trauma - A ... 22 MINS
5. Bully in the Workplace: The ... 15 MINS
6. Finding Enchantment in the ... 21 MINS
7. Ashes to Beauty: When Jesus ... 15 MINS
8. Mobilizing a Movement: Why We ... 12 MINS
9. Protecting Our Children 21 MINS
10. A Generation to Change the ... 21 MINS
11. Seeking Accountability, ... 21 MINS
12. The Journey to Healing 20 MINS
13. A First Step Towards Healing 25 MINS
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