Church Safety Workshop Gregory S. Love
Church Safety Workshop
Gregory S. Love
1. WHY a Church Safety Workshop 13 MINS
2. Facts vs. Misconceptions: Part ... 20 MINS
3. Facts vs. Misconceptions: Part ... 25 MINS
4. The Grooming Process: Part 1 17 MINS
5. The Grooming Process: Part 2 22 MINS
6. The WHAT: An Effective Safety ... 19 MINS
7. The HOW: Implementing Specific ... 18 MINS
8. Conclusion 4 MINS
Protecting children from child sexual abuse in ministry programming is critical. Because we cannot reduce a risk we do not understand, ministry leaders will never accidentally do this well. The Church Safety Workshop presented by Gregory Love at MinistrySafe is a tremendous resource to equip ministry leaders with the necessary information to better understand the risk AND how to implement an effective safety system to address the risk.

Gregory Love is a partner at Love & Norris, a law firm with a nationwide practice related to sexual abuse matters. For over 25 years, Love has worked with organizations in the design and implementation of safety efforts to protect children from sexual abuse; representative clients range from the United States Olympic Committee to the smallest church plant.

In the Church Safety Workshop, Gregory Love will dispel misconceptions followed by a thorough discussion of the grooming process of the preferential offender, common grooming behaviors, the need for training, tailored policies, effective screening processes, and much more.  
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