Raise Up A Child Phil Tuttle
Raise Up A Child
Phil Tuttle
1. Understanding Choices 27 MINS
2. Implementing Choices 25 MINS
3. Understanding Consequences 22 MINS
4. Implementing Consequences 29 MINS
5. Understanding Compassion 22 MINS
6. Implementing Compassion 35 MINS
7. Understanding Consistency 22 MINS
8. Implementing Consistency 26 MINS
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Congratulations! You're a Parent! NOW WHAT?!

Have you noticed that your child didn't come with an instruction manual? That no one required you to pass a course before you could become a parent? That out of all the parents you've known that could mentor you, none were perfect? Who can you turn to for help?

Join us on an exciting adventure as we follow the "heavenly GPS" that can help us navigate through the pitfalls and perils of parenting. In Raise up a Child, Phil Tuttle, president of Walk Thru the Bible, will guide you back to the heart of parenting through four easy-to-remember parenting scenarios: Choices, Consequences, Compassion, and Consistency.  
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***This series will no longer be available on RightNow Media after June 30, 2021***

You thought you knew God's will. Then life went in an opposite direction. That detour causes some to walk away from God. Others, like Joseph, draw near. And that choice can make between disappointment and destiny. Learn to read between the lines of your life was we explore:

  • Joseph and His Family
  • Joseph and His Work
  • Joseph and His Choices
  • Joseph and His Nation
  • Joseph and His Heart
  • Joseph and His Legacy

God is writing an epic story, and you are part of it. Discovering your place in that story can transform your life—and the lives of many others—forever.
1. Joseph & His Family 38 MINS
2. Joseph & His Work 37 MINS
3. Joseph & His Choices 36 MINS
4. Joseph & His Nation 33 MINS
5. Joseph & His Heart 37 MINS
6. Joseph & His Legacy 36 MINS
Phil Tuttle
***This series will no longer be available on RightNow Media after June 30, 2021***

You have a mission in life, whether you fully understand what it is right now or not. God partners with human beings to accomplish His purposes. He chooses, He calls, and He leads. So what do you do when He has chosen you?

Mary, the mother of Jesus, is a great example of how to respond when God calls your name. She offers life-changing lessons for any believer. And she may be the toughest person you’ve ever encountered.

This journey through the life of Mary explores four common experiences of those who follow God:

When God Changes Everything
When You Feel All Alone
When Life Breaks Your Heart
When Life Must Go On

God chose Mary for a reason, and she experienced both the promise and pain of His purposes. He has chosen you too, and you will need to know how to navigate the path He has given you. Chosen will help you grow in your understanding of what it means to be blessed, strengthened, and guided every step of the way.
1. When God Changes Everything 21 MINS
2. When You Feel All Alone 19 MINS
3. When Life Breaks Your heart 21 MINS
4. When Life Must Go on 22 MINS
Phil Tuttle
***This series will no longer be available on RightNow Media after June 30, 2021***

The Choices that Change Your Life Forever

Moments of decision. Your life is full of them, and how you respond can have lifelong impact. The decision process can be as intense as a crucible—a vessel in a refining fire, a place where precious substances are tested, purified, and strengthened.

That's a picture of the process God uses in our lives. When the heat is on, what decisions will we make? What kind of character rises to the surface?

The sessions in this series explore six areas of tension in our lives:
  • Image vs. Character
  • Fear vs. Faith
  • Circumstances vs. Truth
  • Deception vs. Integrity
  • Arrogance vs. Humility
  • Disappointment vs. Expectancy

God will use the choices we make in these areas to transform us into people after His own heart—and shape our lives forever.

1. Image vs. Character 31 MINS
2. Fear vs. Faith 36 MINS
3. Circumstances vs. Truth 36 MINS
4. Deception vs. Integrity 34 MINS
5. Arrogance vs. Humility 35 MINS
6. Disappointment vs. Expectancy 36 MINS
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