Revelation: Learning from the Seven Churches William Subash
Revelation: Learning from the Seven Churches
William Subash
Trailer 2 MINS
1. Regain Your First Love 8 MINS
2. Stand for Your Faith 8 MINS
3. Don’t Compromise 7 MINS
4. Flee False Teaching 8 MINS
5. Don’t Fake It 7 MINS
6. Dealing with Shut Doors 6 MINS
7. Lose Lukewarmness 9 MINS
How is your walk with Jesus today?

The world around us poses tough competition for our affections and attention. We can be easily distracted by the meaningless things. We may compromise our faith to fit in. And we can even hide who we are in Christ to avoid persecution. Sometimes we are just not sure where God fits in our lives.

How do we refocus our lives to put Jesus first?

In this 7-part series, pastor Willian Subash takes us through the seven letters written to seven churches in the book of Revelation. Each letter had a specific message and instruction to first century churches which still speak truth to us today. The caution and encouragement in each letter calls us to persevere in following Christ. 
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