Breaking the Spiral of Silence Eric Metaxas
Breaking the Spiral of Silence
Eric Metaxas
1. Session One 1 HR 8 MINS
2. Session Two 55 MINS
Today we face a culture in crisis.

The Spiral of Silence has a stranglehold on our culture, spinning a web of lies that threaten to destroy the very fabric of society.

A handful of angry voices seem to control the message on the most fundamental issues of life, liberty, marriage and family. Christians feel threatened, alone, and helpless.

But you are not alone. The Spiral of Silence is fragile, and if one by one we stand up and speak out against the lie, against injustice, against evil, the spiral will begin to unravel, and truth and justice will prevail.


The Breaking the Spiral of Silence DVD will run 2 hours.

• The Sanctity of Life
• Protecting and Strengthening Marriage
• Protecting Religious Liberty
• Silence is Evil: Stand Up/Speak Out
• Speak Out in Education
• Speak Out in the Media
• Speak Out in the Community and Public Square
• Speak Out in Church
• Take the Next Steps
  Breaking the Spiral of Silence
Los líderes que están arraigados en Cristo son capaces de liderar con su poder sobrenatural. La Conferencia de RightNow 2015 se centra en tres áreas del liderazgo de Jesús para asegurar que estamos arraigados en él y estamos liderando desde su poder: arraigados en Cristo, arraigados en otros y arraigados en la misión de la Iglesia.

La Conferencia de RightNow es para pastores y líderes ministeriales que buscan un renuevo y una oportunidad para crecer en su fe. Experimenta nuestro programa completo de oradores, que te desafiarán a crecer en tu relación con Dios, a liderar bien tu equipo y a alcanzar el mundo. Para más información sobre los oradores o las sesiones, descarga el programa completo de la conferencia a continuación.

Si deseas más información o quieres experimentar nuestra conferencia en persona, visita el sitio web aquí.
1. El poder de una sola semilla 29 MINS
2. Arraigado en Cristo, no solo ... 39 MINS
3. Prepara a tu gente para una ... 29 MINS
4. Separados de mí nada pueden ... 39 MINS
5. Enséñanos a anhelar 37 MINS
6. Mi corazón y mis relaciones 28 MINS
7. Prosperemos en Babilonia 38 MINS
8. Dale una patada al cristianismo ... 41 MINS
9. Nuestra misión y mensaje 35 MINS
10. Dios usa a la gente 45 MINS
11. El plan de Dios para el cuerpo ... 34 MINS
12. Ministerio empoderado por el ... 38 MINS
Eric Metaxas
Bring New York Times #1 best-selling author Eric Metaxas to your home, small group, or church with this recording of The Bonhoeffer Tour event on March 4th, 2013.
1. Bonhoeffer 1 HR 54 MINS
Eric Metaxas
An inspiring and eye-opening exploration of the phenomenon of miracles from the New York Times #1 bestselling author of Bonhoeffer. What are miracles and why do so many believe in them? What do they tell us about ourselves? And what do we do with experiences that we cannot explain?
1. Miracles 1 HR 55 MINS
Mark Batterson
Leaders who are rooted in Christ are able to lead with His supernatural power. The 2015 RightNow Conference focuses on three areas of Jesus’ leadership to ensure that we are rooted in Him and are leading from His power: rooted in Christ, rooted in each other, and rooted in the Church's mission. 

The RightNow Conference is for pastors and ministry leaders looking for refreshment and a chance to grow in their faith. Experience our full lineup of speakers, who will challenge you to grow in your relationship with God, to lead your team well, and to reach the world. For more information on the speakers or sessions, download the full conference program below.

If you'd like more information or want to experience our conference in person, visit the website here.
1. The Power of a Single Seed 29 MINS
2. Rooted in Christ, Not Just ... 39 MINS
3. Equip Your People for a Rapidly ... 29 MINS
4. Apart From Me You Can Do ... 39 MINS
5. Teach Us to Want 37 MINS
6. My Heart and My Relationships 28 MINS
7. Thriving in Babylon 38 MINS
8. Kicking Safe, Comfortable ... 41 MINS
9. Our Mission and Message 35 MINS
10. God Uses People 45 MINS
11. God's Blueprint for the Local ... 34 MINS
12. Holy Spirit Empowered Ministry 38 MINS
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