OCEAN Conference 2018 Jason Mayden
OCEAN Conference 2018
Jason Mayden
1. We Create to Rescue Others 27 MINS
2. Immersive Empathy Changes ... 27 MINS
3. Lawnchair Leadership: The Power ... 28 MINS
4. Social Entrepreneurship: ... 22 MINS
5. Leading Entrepreneurially in ... 25 MINS
6. Fear Smells Like Opportunity 19 MINS
7. Creativity and Innovation ... 26 MINS
8. Entrepreneurship is Tough but ... 30 MINS
OCEAN Conference is an annual conference on the topic of faith and entrepreneurship. Our intent is clear: Entrepreneurship is hard, and this conference is a place to gather with other like-minded leaders to gain insight, wisdom, and practical tools to increase your capacity as an entrepreneur. This message is delivered alongside an inspirational and challenging message that is rooted in the Christian faith. Our theme and content is designed to grow the founder not just an organizational leader, but also as a person full of potential to transform their world for good.
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