Unpolished Conference 2016 Jeremy Cowart
Unpolished Conference 2016
Jeremy Cowart
1. Discover and Utilize Your ... 30 MINS
2. Slaying Perceived Giants 32 MINS
3. Doing God-Scaled Things 27 MINS
4. The Accidental Entrepreneur 27 MINS
5. Know Pain, Know Gain 31 MINS
6. Doing the Most with the Least 27 MINS
7. Entrepreneurship and Being ... 21 MINS
8. Leading from Anointing 37 MINS
9. Your Clients Are the Hero of ... 32 MINS
10. Prayer Over Investors. Every ... 23 MINS
11. God has a Plan for You in the ... 41 MINS
OCEAN Conference is an annual conference on the topic of faith and entrepreneurship. Our intent is clear: Entrepreneurship is hard, and this conference is a place to gather with other like-minded leaders to gain insight, wisdom, and practical tools to increase your capacity as an entrepreneur. This message is delivered alongside an inspirational and challenging message that is rooted in the Christian faith. Our theme and content is designed to grow the founder not just an organizational leader, but also as a person full of potential to transform their world for good.
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