The Heart of the Caregiver Mary Tutterow
The Heart of the Caregiver
Mary Tutterow
1. Introduction 2 MINS
2. Chapter One – Gaining Clarity 6 MINS
3. Chapter Two – The Honor of the ... 5 MINS
4. Chapter Three – Part 1 – God is ... 7 MINS
5. Chapter Three – Part 2 – God is ... 7 MINS
6. Chapter Four – You Are Loved 8 MINS
7. Chapter Five – You Are Chosen 6 MINS
8. Chapter Six – You are Equipped 4 MINS
9. Chapter Seven – Witness to Love 4 MINS
10. Chapter Eight – It is Christ ... 5 MINS
11. Chapter Nine – Heavenly Focus 3 MINS
Overwhelmed by the responsibilities and emotions of caring for a loved one with exceptional needs? Caregiving can be very difficult and consuming work. It can leave you feeling overwhelmed, isolated and stressed. The Heart of the Caregiver™ was written to connect you to the life-giving comfort and support found in scripture. This 10-week study offers a deep dive into scripture, encourages journaling, and provides probing questions and beautiful, heart-felt prayers. You will come to see yourself, your situation and the person you care for in a whole new way – through the light of God’s amazing love!
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