Putting Sport in its Proper Perspective Heath Eslinger
Putting Sport in its Proper Perspective
Heath Eslinger
1. Introduction 1 MIN
2. Are You Shooting in the Right ... 3 MINS
3. Why Sport? 3 MINS
4. Two Truths 3 MINS
5. What Matters Most? 2 MINS
6. The Purpose of Boundaries 2 MINS
7. Financial Boundary 6 MINS
8. Family Boundary 6 MINS
9. Faith Boundary 4 MINS
10. Final Thoughts 2 MINS
God made sports to be so beautiful and so good, but it has the tendency to consume every aspect of our lives. Whether it be the amount of money spent, the time spent traveling, or the energy spent worrying about outcomes and playing time, many people feel like they are in bondage to the world of sports. How has something God intended to be so good become such a drain on our relationships, our wallets, and our schedule?

In this series, Heath Eslinger and the team at A Better Way Athletics will give you an arsenal of practical tools that will equip you to be the parents God designed you to be and set your family free to experience the beauty of this thing called sports.

In order to get the most out of this series be sure to get the downloadable study guide.

The Putting Sport in its Proper Perspective study guide (download) completes the video driven study and includes scripture references, discussion questions for all eight lessons, and information on how to get the most out of this video study.Whether you're studying on your own or leading a group as a volunteer or a paid staff member, this downloadable material will help you and your group focus on putting sport in its proper perspective.

In order for every member of your group to get the most out of this series, everyone will need a copy of the study guide.
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