Disability Concerns
Disability Concerns
1. Reconsidering Our Christian ... 4 MINS
2. What Defines Disability? 4 MINS
3. Seeing the Disabled Around You 4 MINS
4. The Biblical Foundation of ... 6 MINS
5. The Strategic Purpose of ... 5 MINS
6. Overcoming Cultural and ... 5 MINS
7. Inviting the Disabled to Church 7 MINS
8. Encouraging People with ... 6 MINS
9. A Call to Embrace the ... 6 MINS
This series of the Lausanne Global Classroom is on Disability Concerns. Ministry among disabled persons is fundamentally ministry to people. People with disabilities are businessmen, professionals and pastors; they struggle and need counsel; many are children at risk. People with disabilities need the gospel. Neglecting to evangelise these individuals means neglecting 1/7 of the global population. Therefore, the global church must be catalysed to not only minister to, but also to equip, empower, and enable those with disabilities to fully engage in ministry and service to the Body of Christ. Current mission and church leadership must realise the reality that for the body of Christ to express itself fully in line with God’s design, the disabled must be involved as strategic ministry partners. This Global Classroom helps fulfil these goals, and seeks to inspire younger leaders, established leaders, churches, organisations, and movements to understand the importance of disability concerns in all their ventures.

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