Younique Primer Dave Rhodes
Younique Primer
Dave Rhodes
Trailer 2 MINS
1. God's Story 15 MINS
2. Your Story 14 MINS
3. Your Gifting 13 MINS
4. Your Passion 11 MINS
5. Your Calling 13 MINS
6. Your Goal 12 MINS
The Younique 6-Week Primer is designed to give individuals and churches an accessible way to engage gospel-centered life design. This journey is a powerful taste of what it feels like to live a life inspired by a sense of your God-given purpose, and is designed for small groups, classes, missional communities, and retreats.

The 6-Week Primer leads people through an exploration of the life of David to help people discover the value and importance of knowing one’s life calling.

How does your personal life call—which is both knowable and nameable—intersect with your personal discipleship? 
  God's Story - Session 1 Participant Guide
  Your Story - Session 2 Participant's Guide
  Your Gifting - Session 3 Participant's Guide
  Your Passion - Session 4 Participant's Guide
  Your Calling - Session 5 Participant's Guide
  Your Goal - Session 6 Participant's Guide
  Younique - Book
  Younique - Planner
  Younique - Accelerator
  Younique - Student Primer
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