Research and Strategic Information
Research and Strategic Information
1. How Data Informs Christian ... 3 MINS
2. The Biblical Foundation for ... 4 MINS
3. Listening Builds Research ... 5 MINS
4. Exploring Different Types of ... 4 MINS
5. The Influence of Research on ... 4 MINS
6. Research and Some of Its ... 4 MINS
7. Using Research Information to ... 3 MINS
8. Needs and Opportunities within ... 3 MINS
9. Engaging the Next Generation of ... 3 MINS
This show of the Lausanne Global Classroom is on Strategic Information and Research, a critically important aspect for mission. Strategic information is obtained and conducted through research in many ways, from local neighborhood engagement to global movements, and is critical for making both micro and macro decisions.

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  Research and Strategic Information - Study guide
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