International Student Ministry
International Student Ministry
1. The Special Place of ... 5 MINS
2. The Biblical Call to Love the ... 6 MINS
3. Inviting Students to See the ... 5 MINS
4. Creative and Dynamic Ways of ... 7 MINS
5. Navigating the Blessings and ... 5 MINS
6. The Church as the Hands and ... 6 MINS
7. Taking the First Steps in ... 5 MINS
8. When International Students Go ... 6 MINS
9. The Shifting and Changing World ... 4 MINS
This episode of the Lausanne Global Classroom is on International Student Ministry. It is done in partnership with the International Student Ministry network of the Lausanne Movement. Students and scholars from other countries represent the future leadership and influencers of the world, therefore ISM is one of the greatest opportunities and strategies for global mission with the least amount of financial investment. ISM provides a tangible local dimension to global mission, with personal engagement options beyond prayer and financial support of missionaries. It is an opportunity for many people who have a desire to serve abroad but are not able to, to engage in international missions at home. A broad range of church members can be involved, from children to retirees, and international student ministry utilizes their varied gifts and experiences for service-hospitality, helping, administration, teaching, mercy, evangelism, leadership, etc. Returned or retired missionaries and short-term mission participants can extend their cross-cultural mission service at home. And international students can provide cultural mentorship to those preparing to work, serve, or study overseas. This Global Classroom helps fulfill these goals, and seeks to inspire young leaders, established leaders, churches, organizations, and movements to understand the importance of International Student Ministry in all their ventures.

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