1. Redefining 'Diaspora' 1 MIN
2. Who are Diaspora Peoples? 5 MINS
3. Why are People on the Move? 2 MINS
4. Key Statistics of Diaspora ... 2 MINS
5. Foundations for Diaspora from ... 5 MINS
6. Christians: Strangers in a ... 7 MINS
7. Mission To, Through and Beyond ... 7 MINS
8. The Foreigner and Displaced as ... 6 MINS
9. Understanding the Migrant's ... 8 MINS
10. God is Moving People 3 MINS
The first Global Classroom episode focuses on diaspora, a global phenomenon that has marked the 21st century. Today, more than ever before, people are on the move, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, and for various reasons—terrorism, economic collapse or opportunity, famine, human trafficking, education, to mention a few. There is a tremendous opportunity for ministry to, through, and beyond diaspora peoples.

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  Diaspora - Study guide
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