New Testament Overview: Part 1 Bret Martin
New Testament Overview: Part 1
Bret Martin
Trailer 1 MIN
1. The Old Testament in 5 Minutes 5 MINS
2. Overview of The Gospels 4 MINS
3. How Were the Gospels Written? 5 MINS
4. Introduction to Matthew 6 MINS
5. The Purpose of Matthew 7 MINS
6. The Kingdom of God in Matthew 7 MINS
7. Mark, Part 1 6 MINS
8. Mark, Part 2 4 MINS
9. John, Part 1 3 MINS
10. John, Part 2 7 MINS
11. Introduction to Luke & Acts 4 MINS
12. Luke 5 MINS
13. Acts 8 MINS
Part 1: The Gospels and Acts

This the first in a series of three courses that give an overview of the New Testament, and covers Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and Acts. The course begins by briefly reviewing the Old Testament in order to show the ways in which the New Testament builds upon Old Testament themes. It addresses issues that the Gospels share in common, and explores key themes and passages in each of the Gospels and in Acts.

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