Depression And The Gospel Scott Mehl
Depression And The Gospel
Scott Mehl
Trailer 1 MIN
1. Introduction 5 MINS
2. Defining Depression 6 MINS
3. Describing Depression 6 MINS
4. The Cultural Experience of ... 7 MINS
5. The Cultural Experience of ... 6 MINS
6. Suffering, Sin and Depression 6 MINS
7. How Suffering Contributes to ... 7 MINS
8. How Sin Contributes to ... 7 MINS
9. The Heart and Our Emotions 7 MINS
10. The Gospel and Suffering 7 MINS
11. The Gospel and Sin 7 MINS
12. Loving the Depressed 5 MINS
13. Knowing the Depressed 6 MINS
14. Serving the Depressed 6 MINS
15. Speaking to The Depressed 6 MINS
16. Training the Depressed in ... 6 MINS
17. Training the Depressed in ... 7 MINS
Depression is all around us, more common than most of us imagine. It is also notoriously difficult to understand, and most of us feel inadequate to help the depressed people in our midst. This course is designed to help you understand what depression is, what it is like, what causes it, and how God can use you to walk with people who are experiencing some form of depression.

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