Relevant Leadership Jay McChord
Relevant Leadership
Jay McChord
1. Introduction 2 MINS
2. Don't Waste A Crisis 3 MINS
3. Know Your Audience 4 MINS
4. Different Generations Working ... 2 MINS
5. Activity 2 MINS
6. Preparation vs. Practice 3 MINS
7. Ineffective Solutions 5 MINS
8. Compression of Two Tens 6 MINS
9. Introduction to Generations 1 MIN
10. Traditionals 4 MINS
11. Baby Boomers 6 MINS
12. Gen-X 6 MINS
13. Millennials 6 MINS
14. Millennials Part 2 6 MINS
15. Millennials Part 3 3 MINS
16. Millennials Part 4 4 MINS
17. Gen-Z 4 MINS
18. Generational Assessment 4 MINS
19. Relationships 3 MINS
Relevant Leadership
Leveraging the Multi-Generational Workplace

Did you know that EVERYTHING is changing in our workplaces?

  • The average attention span of someone today is 8 seconds.
  • There are four separate generations working side by side.
How effective are YOU at leading and communicating in workplaces with such short attention spans, made up of so many generations?

Every workplace, across every industry, is facing this same multi-generational challenge. Consider how factors such as Baby Boomer retirements, Millennial replacements, Gen-X leadership styles, the coming impact of Gen-Z, the recruiting and retaining of top talent, managing and motivating, the digital divide, customer service, prospecting and the complex interaction between generations all challenge professionals today.

• If you are struggling to navigate the multi-generational workplace. This course is for YOU!

• If you want to take your leadership effectiveness to a new level. This course is for YOU!

• If you want to be seen as the most Relevant Leader in your profession, industry or community. This course is for YOU!

Relevant Leaders are those who know the times and know what to do.
This course is built to assist you to do both!

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