Guarding Your Child's Heart Gary Smalley
1. Do You Have a Plan? 8 MINS
2. How Thoughts Form Your Beliefs 18 MINS
3. Memorize and Meditate 16 MINS
4. Belief #1 - Humble Yourself 14 MINS
5. Practicing Humility in the ... 20 MINS
6. Belief #2 - Love God 14 MINS
7. Loving God with Our Kids 19 MINS
8. Belief #3 - Love Others 16 MINS
9. Applying Our Love for Others 21 MINS
10. Belief #4 - Rejoice in Trials 13 MINS
11. Rejoicing with Our Kids During ... 19 MINS
12. Stay the Course 12 MINS
Protect your children from destructive thoughts today and for a lifetime of tomorrows.

Most people have 20,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day. And for Americans, more than half of those thoughts are negative. So how do you teach your children to guard their minds and hearts in today's society?

This 12-session series from respected relationship expert Dr. Gary Smalley shows parents how they can teach their children to meditate and memorize key Scriptures that will build a foundation for leading a positive life.  
  Guarding Your Child's Heart - DVD
  Guarding Your Child's Heart - Book
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You have an opportunity to take a journey that can have the potential to change your life! Everyone wants great relationships but not everyone is willing to take the steps to get there. This 19 lesson series will give you some practical, proven tools to get you on your journey. The series is called, Keys to Loving Relationships (formerly "Hidden Keys").

This series will help you follow each lesson and add enriching discussion to the process. Most people get double the impact if they apply what they learn by discussing it with others. The greatest changes in marriages take place when they have discussed issues with a small group or even together as a couple.
1. Recognize and Value Your Mate's ... 52 MINS
2. Four Essential Elements Every ... 47 MINS
3. Overcoming the Major Destroyer ... 1 HR 1 MIN
4. Using Emotional Word Pictures ... 1 HR 8 MINS
5. Becoming Best Friends With Your ... 24 MINS
6. Freedom From Negative Emotions 31 MINS
7. Discovering the Value of Your ... 56 MINS
8. Recognizing and Transforming ... 1 HR 12 MINS
9. Using Communication to Move ... 49 MINS
10. Transforming Trials and Hurts ... 55 MINS
11. Mutually Fulfilling Sexual ... 41 MINS
12. Changing Unwanted Behavior and ... 56 MINS
13. Reducing and Overcoming ... 37 MINS
14. Building Boundaries in Your ... 46 MINS
15. Discovering the Barrier to ... 46 MINS
16. Destroying the Barrier of ... 1 HR
17. Divorce-Proofing Your Marriage 48 MINS
18. How to Energize Your Mate 53 MINS
19. Understanding Stages of Life 49 MINS
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I Promise was created following 5 years of research and will help you to develop a marriage where you both have the freedom to be open and secure without fear of being criticized, blamed or judged by each other. A safe place where your relationship grows deeper naturally. Topics include:

  • Five core promises that double your security and marriage satisfaction in one week!
  • Three powerful ways to improve your relationship with God.
  • Learn the biggest marriage mistake that most couples make.
  • Why marital trials and irritations are the secret to intimacy.
  • Six levels of communication (most couples only get to the second & third level).
  • Three ways to help your spouse win every argument… while you win.
  • A new way to serve your spouse by identifying their key needs.
1. Security: The Secret to a Great ... 21 MINS
2. 1st Promise: I Promise to ... 27 MINS
3. 2nd Promise: I Promise To Be ... 19 MINS
4. 3rd Promise: I Promise To Find ... 23 MINS
5. 4th Promise: I Promise to ... 22 MINS
6. 5th Promise: I Promise to Serve ... 26 MINS
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Parents can better learn how to raise their children when they can discuss their strengths and weaknesses with other parents. This series has over 4 hours of teaching by Gary Smalley on topics including:

  • Discovering what “type” of parent you are
  • Discovering your child's personality type
  • Overcoming the major destroyer of families
  • Providing loving support to your child
  • Contracts: Setting limits in a loving way
  • Developing a close-knit family
  • Ten powerful ways to motivate your children Using the “SALT” Principle to encourage communication.
1. Session 1 32 MINS
2. Session 2 29 MINS
3. Session 3 29 MINS
4. Session 4 30 MINS
5. Session 5 9 MINS
6. Session 6 29 MINS
7. Session 7 29 MINS
8. Session 8 29 MINS
9. Session 9 9 MINS
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With Gary and Michael Smalley, this series is taped from the DNA of Relationships Seminar. Topics Include:

  • Discovering the DNA of Love: There are three key choices that bring you complete satisfaction in life. You'll understand how to balance God's DNA of love by loving God and others as yourself. Also, find out how God created men and women different and how to use these differences to create great relationships.
  • Power of One: You are not a victim in the world of relationships! Nothing or no one can take away your joy in life. Learn the four ways you can positively impact all your most important relationships.
  • Create a Safe Place for Love: Learn four ways to create a safe place for others where love can flourish. When two people feel safe in one another presence, they naturally open up to each other and love flows from openness.
  • Eliminate the #1 Cause of Relational Conflict: Without realizing it, when conflict comes between two people, they are both allowing each other to push an internal “hot button.” Discover your core button and why that affects everything you do!
  • God's Fuel for Your Soul: God wants you to be satisfied so that you can become a channel of His love to others. Too many broken relationships are directly linked to our inability to find God's fuel for our soul. As we take love ourselves, we can then love others.
  • Create Harmony through Communication: Connect to the heart of another person by learning how to successfully communicate. When you understand how someone feels, the other person let's you connect in a way that makes everyday conversation come alive.
1. Power of One - Taking Personal ... 40 MINS
2. God's Fuel for Your Soul - ... 39 MINS
3. Fear Dance - #1 Destoryer of ... 40 MINS
4. Discovering Your DNA of ... 46 MINS
5. Creating a Safe Place for Love ... 41 MINS
6. Create Harmony Through ... 36 MINS
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Everyone wants great relationships but not everyone is willing to take the steps to get there. This series, Secrets to Lasting Love, will give you practical, proven tools to start you on your journey. This series will provide the foundation and process for moving your relationship into the deepest levels of intimacy. Gary Smalley, best-selling marriage author and expert, along with his two sons, Dr. Greg Smalley and Michael Smalley, M.A. will present the five levels of communication and three skills to take you to the deepest level.
1. The Five Levels of Intimate ... 57 MINS
2. Understanding Your Mate's ... 50 MINS
3. The Single Greatest Skill for a ... 55 MINS
4. LUV Talk: The Number One ... 55 MINS
5. Love: Discovering & Meeting the ... 58 MINS
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