Identity & Sexuality
Identity & Sexuality
1. The Sexual Revolution and Its ... 44 MINS
2. Nature vs Nurture 1 HR 1 MIN
3. What the Bible Says: Texts and ... 1 HR 10 MINS
4. A Christian Response to ... 56 MINS
5. Responding to the Transgender ... 58 MINS
6. How to Talk About Sexual ... 49 MINS
Every day we are bombarded with non-biblical views of sexuality. Many people, both Christians and non-Christians, have bought into the lies of the sexual revolution, believing that our sexuality defines who we are as humans. This has brought about much pain and confusion surrounding the topics of identity and sexuality. In an environment such as this, it is critical to know, understand, and be equipped to share the Bible's view of sexuality with others.

In this series from Summit Ministries, you’ll learn to graciously share the truth about sexuality, freeing those trapped in the bondage of the sexual revolution. Learn from expert teachers John Stonestreet, Christopher Yuan, Andrew Walker, and Michael Sherrard.

Summit Ministries provides content that helps Christians see how their faith makes sense of all areas of life and culture. Identity and Sexuality is part of the “Best of Summit” series also including Responding to Atheists.
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