Cada buena dádiva Ann Voskamp
Cada buena dádiva
Ann Voskamp
Tráiler 2 MINS
1. Ser generosa con la ... 14 MINS
2. Ser generosa con los dones ... 13 MINS
3. Ser generosa con el dinero 13 MINS
4. Ser generosa con el tiempo 15 MINS
5. Ser generosa con la empatía 16 MINS
6. Ahora, regálalo 14 MINS

Speaker:   Ann Voskamp
Publisher:   RightNow Media - 2010
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¿Qué tan natural es la generosidad para ti? ¿Qué haces con lo que tienes? ¿Alguna vez te has preguntado qué dice la Biblia sobre la hospitalidad, la generosidad y la mayordomía?

Tenemos una nube de testigos a nivel mundial, nacional y local que brindan testimonios increíbles de generosidad. Basada en relatos bíblicos sobre el dar, esta serie de seis sesiones con la autora y oradora Ann Voskamp explora ejemplos de hospitalidad, tiempo, dinero, dones espirituales y empatía para la gloria de Dios. 

Todo lo que tenemos es un regalo. ¿Nos aferraremos firmemente a estos regalos con una mentalidad de escasez o los manejaremos con las manos abiertas?

Speaker:   Ann Voskamp
Publisher:   RightNow Media - 2010
español, mujeres, relaciones, subtítulos
Jennie Allen
How do you lead through all of the tensions and every unknown? Watch IF:Lead 2020, from our friends at IF:Gathering, and learn from over 20 teachers as they encourage you to use your gifts to lead right where you are.

Our hope is that IF:Lead 2020 will help you:
  • Feel equipped to study and teach your Bible, as well as bring people together to talk about Jesus.
  • Build the community you have been craving around the mission God has for you.
  • Innovate with your team and friends about how to transform your church, neighborhood, family, or workplace
IF:Lead features teaching and breakout sessions from Jennie Allen, Jefferson Bethke, Christine Caine, Eugene Cho, Toni Collier, John Mark Comer, Layla de la Garza, Annie F. Downs, Jada Edwards…and so many more! 
1. IF:Lead 2020 Welcome 9 MINS
2. IF:Lead 2020 Opening Prayer 2 MINS
3. Root Yourself in Jesus 20 MINS
4. Understanding the Emotional ... 17 MINS
5. Suffering is Not the End of ... 8 MINS
6. Being Faithful Over Fruitful 17 MINS
7. Choosing Patience and Joy 11 MINS
8. Racism, Reconciliation, and the ... 43 MINS
9. Face-to-Face with Jesus 26 MINS
10. What Joy is Not 13 MINS
11. Thou Shall Not Be a Jerk 32 MINS
12. Rest is a Weapon 23 MINS
13. Finding Rest on Your Mission 9 MINS
14. Becoming a Jesus Abider 14 MINS
15. Boldness Over Fear 13 MINS
16. Spirit and Truth 52 MINS
17. IF:Lead Closer 10 MINS
18. Racial Reconciliation 50 MINS
19. Emotions in Leadership 54 MINS
20. Technology 49 MINS
21. Community 44 MINS
22. Rest? 51 MINS
23. Discover Your Gifting 48 MINS
24. Ministry and Business 52 MINS
25. Theology 34 MINS
26. Gen Z and Millennials in Church 51 MINS
27. Mentoring 51 MINS
28. Worship 49 MINS
29. How to Read Your Bible 53 MINS
Leslie Leyland Fields
No matter who you are, your age, or your stage of life, your story matters. In this 8-session series, join Leslie Leyland Fields, Ann Voskamp, and 20 other writers on a step-by-step journey to explore your past and shape your memories into vivid, compelling stories. Discover new spiritual truths, reclaim the past, share hope, and pass on your own extraordinary legacy.
1. Why Write Your Story? 21 MINS
2. Mapping 22 MINS
3. Making a Scene 25 MINS
4. Wrestling God 25 MINS
5. Hard Places and Difficult ... 22 MINS
6. Breath for the Bones 20 MINS
7. It's About Time 20 MINS
8. What's Next? 15 MINS
Jennie Allen
At IF:Gathering 2020 we're focusing completely and entirely on the person of Jesus. That is it. He is our hope and we need hope. In a time where our worlds and our insides feel like they're spinning out like crazy, we want to point back, and call us to the thing that is going to steady us - the good news that is Jesus. 

We're studying Romans 8, as it paints a different picture for our lives than the one our current circumstances seems to hold us captive to. Let's rediscover the freedom we have in Jesus, the way of life and peace, and the glory that has been promised for our future. This is the hope we pray this generation clings to.

This event features biblical teaching from Jennie Allen, Jada Edwards, Beth Moore, Bianca Olthoff, Sadie Robertson Huff, Jo Saxton, and more.

IF:Gathering exists to equip women with gospel-centered resources and opportunities to make disciples who will then go and make disciples.

For more information, visit
1. Welcome and IF:2020 Vision 12 MINS
2. Reading of Romans 8 8 MINS
3. Romans 8:1–4 24 MINS
4. Monisha’s Story 4 MINS
5. Romans 8:9–11 59 MINS
6. Closing Prayer 3 MINS
7. Morning Welcome 14 MINS
8. Romans 8:14–17 21 MINS
9. Severa’s Story 7 MINS
10. Interview 22 MINS
11. Romans 8:24–28 24 MINS
12. Romans 8:5–8 39 MINS
13. Romans 8:31–37 22 MINS
14. Romans 8:32 16 MINS
15. Fight for Each Other Campaign 19 MINS
16. Video Interview 7 MINS
17. Romans 8:39 24 MINS
18. Surprise Guest Speakers 23 MINS
19. Sending out IF:2020 17 MINS
Ann Voskamp
How natural is generosity to who you are? What do you do with what you have? Have you ever wondered what the Bible says about hospitality, generosity, and stewardship?

We have a cloud of witnesses globally, nationally, and locally who provide incredible testimonies of generosity. Tethered to biblical accounts of giving, this six-session series with author and speaker Ann Voskamp explores examples of offering hospitality, time, money, spiritual gifts, and empathy to the glory of God.

Everything we have is a gift. Will we hold tightly to these gifts with a scarcity mentality or will we handle them with open hands?
Trailer 2 MINS
1. Being Generous with Your ... 14 MINS
2. Being Generous with Your ... 13 MINS
3. Being Generous with Your Money 13 MINS
4. Being Generous with Your Time 15 MINS
5. Being Generous with Your ... 16 MINS
6. Now, Give it Away 14 MINS
Jennie Allen
What does it look like to follow God and live out this faith in our relationships, at our jobs, in conflict, in suffering, and with money?

This is a generation that is not just hungry for big faith, but for a big faith that is lived out in the practical, mundane things we do and the decisions that we make everyday. A faith that is marked by wisdom.

Featuring teachers like Jennie Allen, Jo Saxton, Bianca Oltoff, Annie F. Downs, Jada Edwards, Jefferson Bethke and more, IF:Gathering 2019 dives into the book of Proverbs for a look at a different way to live. This way to live--Jesus' way--is so attractive, so fragrant, that it flows through our lives, actions, relationships, and work, drawing people to Christ.
1. “Uni/verse - Why Everything is ... 5 MINS
2. Opening Prayer 4 MINS
3. Proverbs Scripture Reading 2 MINS
4. We Need Wisdom 28 MINS
5. How Do You Trust God When ... 24 MINS
6. A Day in the Life with Colleen ... 7 MINS
7. How Do You Discern the Truth? 24 MINS
8. Can You Trust God through ... 19 MINS
9. Uncommon Sense Teaser 2 MINS
10. Wave Walkers 15 MINS
11. Discipleship Collective 2 MINS
12. Proverbs Scripture Reading 1 MIN
13. The State of Your Heart 15 MINS
14. Restore in Me the Joy of My ... 11 MINS
15. How Do We Receive Criticism? 12 MINS
16. Leading with Empathy 13 MINS
17. Visit Rwanda with Africa New ... 3 MINS
18. If You Had 10 Minutes of Wisdom ... 12 MINS
19. Freedom and Self Discipline 21 MINS
20. A Day in the Life with Debbie ... 6 MINS
21. Wisdom, Shame, and Community 23 MINS
22. Throw the Ace 14 MINS
23. Proverbs Scripture Reading 1 MIN
24. What Happens When People Let ... 10 MINS
25. We Need Each Other 14 MINS
26. Your Words Have Power 12 MINS
27. God Sees Us in Our Pain: ... 43 MINS
28. The Legacy of Discipleship 20 MINS
29. How Do We Give Wisdom Away? 44 MINS
30. A Day in the Life with Nellie ... 7 MINS
31. When You Get Hit How Do You Get ... 21 MINS
32. What Are You Moving Towards? 2 MINS
33. Closing Prayer 1 MIN
Jennie Allen
You are a leader with an important calling: to make disciples. Maybe you know that clearly, or perhaps you are just starting to believe that. Join the women of IF:Lead to recapture the joy of making disciples in everyday circumstances.

The IF:Lead is an annual gathering specifically created to pour into leaders who are creating environments for discipleship in their hometowns. For more information, check out the website here.
1. Opening Prayer 3 MINS
2. Craving Wisdom 32 MINS
3. Why Wisdom Matters 14 MINS
4. Fighting Against the Darkness 14 MINS
5. God Taught Me a Secret in the ... 29 MINS
6. Wisdom and Adversity 16 MINS
7. Being a Credible Witness 18 MINS
8. Celebration Over Comparison 12 MINS
9. Generosity Over Greed 11 MINS
10. Self-discipline Over ... 10 MINS
11. Surrender Over Pride 13 MINS
12. Humility Over Fame 22 MINS
13. Wisdom in Leadership Featuring ... 26 MINS
14. We Need Each Other 24 MINS
15. Wisdom in Relationship 23 MINS
16. Holding Tight to the Truth of ... 36 MINS
17. Teach Them Jesus 48 MINS
18. Where Do We Go From Here? 8 MINS
Jennie Allen
In the 2017 IF:Lead conference, dive into the book of 1 Timothy and discover what it looks like to be a brave and faithful leader in God's church. In a generation called to make a difference in the world, it's time to step up and lead.

The IF:Lead is an annual gathering specifically created to pour into leaders who are creating environments for discipleship in their hometowns. For more information, check out the website here.
1. Opening Prayer 7 MINS
2. Disciple a Generation 37 MINS
3. IF:Local Stories 9 MINS
4. Last Words 24 MINS
5. Session 2 Opening Prayer 9 MINS
6. A Call to Worship 14 MINS
7. A Call to Repentance 10 MINS
8. A Call to Gratefulness 13 MINS
9. A Call to Ask 13 MINS
10. The Balance of Truth and Grace 25 MINS
11. Hardship in Ministry 28 MINS
12. IF:Local Spanish and Sign ... 7 MINS
13. All In 25 MINS
14. International Justice Mission 12 MINS
15. Perseverance 59 MINS
16. Closing Remarks 11 MINS
For the next five weeks, we will be studying discipleship. Throughout this study, our hope is to explore the meaning and importance of discipleship, to highlight the way Jesus did discipleship, and to model His ways.

Within the church, discipleship is a common topic of discussion—and for good reason. Jesus calls us to go and make disciples. Practically, what does it look like to do this? Throughout this study, our goal is to simplify the act of discipleship. By simplifying it, we do not mean taking away from the value of discipleship or turning it into a neat, pretty, and clean equation. Rather, we hope to shed light on how Jesus has shown us the way of discipleship.

Discipleship is about relationships. Simple, right? Relationships involve people, and we all have people in our lives. Relationships stem from family, the workplace, friendships, school, church, clubs, teams, organizations—everywhere. We come into contact with people each day, and with that comes the opportunity to create relationships. As we love and serve the people in these relationships, we exemplify the love of Christ. We love and serve others because all people are image bearers of God. This is discipleship.
Series Trailer 3 MINS
1. Woven - Day 1 2 MINS
2. Woven - Day 2 3 MINS
3. Woven - Day 3 4 MINS
4. Woven - Day 4 4 MINS
5. Woven - Day 5 5 MINS
6. Woven - Day 6 3 MINS
7. Woven - Day 7 3 MINS
8. Woven- Day 8 4 MINS
9. Woven - Day 9 4 MINS
10. Woven - Day 10 4 MINS
11. Woven - Day 11 5 MINS
12. Woven - Day 12 4 MINS
13. Woven - Day 13 4 MINS
14. Woven - Day 14 2 MINS
15. Woven - Day 15 2 MINS
16. Woven - Day 16 4 MINS
17. Woven - Day 17 3 MINS
18. Woven - Day 18 4 MINS
19. Woven - Day 19 3 MINS
20. Woven - Day 20 4 MINS
21. Woven - Day 21 3 MINS
22. Woven - Day 22 4 MINS
23. Woven - Day 23 4 MINS
24. Woven - Day 24 2 MINS
25. Woven - Day 25 4 MINS
Ann Voskamp
Unwrap the Full Love Story of Christmas with Ann Voskamp
In The Greatest Gift, New York Times bestselling author Ann Voskamp celebrates the majesty of God's greatest gift to us—His son, Jesus Christ— through the timeless Advent tradition of the Jesse Tree.

Now, in this stunning four-week video curriculum, Ann draws viewers even deeper into Scripture as she explores and illuminates the magnificence of God's Word through the unfurling of the greatest love story ever told—God's ardent and relentless pursuit of us.

Perfect for families and ideal for small groups, The Greatest Gift is a moment of calm amid the busy holiday season. This is sure to become an annual Christmas tradition in homes and churches everywhere.
1. Look...for Hope 19 MINS
2. Linger...for Peace 19 MINS
3. Laugh...for Joy 18 MINS
4. Love...for Always 17 MINS
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