Choose the Life Bill Hull
1. Forward & Preface: Cheap Grace 10 MINS
2. Brokenness (How I Got to This ... 14 MINS
3. The Need for the Life 15 MINS
4. The Call to the Life 14 MINS
5. Habits and the Life 11 MINS
6. The Inner Workings of the Life 14 MINS
7. The Mind and the Life 13 MINS
8. Relationships and the Life 10 MINS
9. Submission and the Life 12 MINS
10. Leadership and the Life 13 MINS

Libraries:   Christian Living
Speaker:   Bill Hull
Publisher:   NavPress - 2012
sanctification, navpress, relationship, broken, lead, discipleship, grace, habits, life, submit, disciple
Rethink what it means to be a Christian.

It's not enough to just be a good Christian and do good deeds. You also must make a conscious effort to choose to live like Jesus. Jesus' life is the perfect model of how you are to believe, live, love, minister, and lead others. Choose the Life will challenge you to think about the traditional practices of Christianity, provoke your way of thinking toward the truth, and help you develop a faith that embraces becomeing a disciple of Jesus.

This video series features 10-minute clips from Bill Hull that provide insights into the week's lesson.

Also available are the Choose the Life Leader's Guide with DVD which includes a disciple's guide plus discussion questions for each community meeting, and a Choose the Life Participant's Guide.  

Libraries:   Christian Living
Speaker:   Bill Hull
Publisher:   NavPress - 2012
sanctification, navpress, relationship, broken, lead, discipleship, grace, habits, life, submit, disciple
Lead with the character of Jesus.

Jesus is the greatest example of leadership. To lead as Jesus led, we must live in obedience to God's commands and direction. By becoming transformed leaders, we can be used by the Holy Spirit as tools for influencing others for His kingdom. Learn the leadership traps that Satan sets and how to give up your own personal gain to become a powerful spiritual leader who influences many.
1. Influence 11 MINS
2. The Leadership Trap 13 MINS
3. Give Up the Gods 10 MINS
4. Dedicate Yourself to the Inner ... 11 MINS
5. The Best Leaders Are the Best ... 8 MINS
6. Give Yourself to the Principle ... 10 MINS
God is leading you to minister in a certain way.

Jesus' life was about ministering to the lost. But ministering to others takes commitment and time. How do we go about conducting ministry in a way that produces disciples of Christ? To minister as Jesus ministered is to serve with the supernatural freedom of self-sacrifice, giving ourselves for others.
1. Called to Serve 11 MINS
2. Commitment to Serve 10 MINS
3. Conduct in Serving 14 MINS
4. Conflict in Serving 14 MINS
5. Capacity to Serve 11 MINS
6. Compassion to Serve 10 MINS
Have you set limits on who you love?

The love that flows from is life is a reflection of your Christlike character. But what does that look like? By cultivating trust in your relationships, practicing the character of humility, and submitting yourself to God, you can learn to love as Jesus loved.
1. Intention 11 MINS
2. Community 14 MINS
3. Integrity 13 MINS
4. Brokenness 12 MINS
5. Humility 13 MINS
6. Submission 8 MINS
Have victory over temptation and stand in truth.

How do we put on the character of Christ? How do we stop giving in to temptation and instead pursue deliverance and transformation? Every day we must live as Jesus lived, putting on the character of God and being filled with His presence.
1. Led Into Temptation 11 MINS
2. Temptation to Transformation 13 MINS
3. Being Led By Our Appetites 10 MINS
4. Being Led By Our Ego 7 MINS
5. The Call of the Crowd 10 MINS
6. From Temptation to Glory 6 MINS
Transformation begins by renewing your mind.

By changing your thought patters, you will become more like Christ. But how does that change begin? Transforming your mind to think on spiritual matters starts with believing what is taught in the Scriptures—believing what Jesus believed.
1. Redrawing Your Brain Map 14 MINS
2. Recovering a Faith That ... 13 MINS
3. Rebuilding the Gospel 14 MINS
4. Rediscovering the Good Life 15 MINS
5. Renewing the Mind: Part 1 13 MINS
6. Renewing the Mind: Part 2 12 MINS
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