1. Why Bother Sharing the Gospel? 9 MINS
2. The Process of Evangelism 9 MINS
3. Understanding People and Their ... 10 MINS
4. Taking Stock of Your Spiritual ... 9 MINS
5. Making Christ Known in Your ... 9 MINS
6. Living Out the Gospel 8 MINS
7. Embodying the Gospel Through ... 10 MINS
8. Explaining the Gospel Through ... 13 MINS
9. Preparing Your Personal ... 15 MINS
10. Bringing in the Harvest 8 MINS
11. Discipling a New Believer 11 MINS
Are you ready to create the next chapter of Acts?

The story of Acts hasn't ended. It's a book about evangelism, but more than 90 percent of churchgoers don't feel prepared to share their faith. Are you one of them?

God has chosen you to write the remaining chapters of Acts with the words and actions of your life. This video series features well-known speakers and authors such as James MacDonald, Joseph Stowell, Charles Price and Bruxy Cavey, and consists of eleven eight-to-fourteen minute sessions.

You'll want to have the Acts 29 workbook as you go through this series.  
  Acts 29 - Workbook
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