Take Heart YZ Bill Senyard
1. Module 1: The Still Face ... 34 MINS
2. Module 2: The Big Mess 26 MINS
3. Module 3: The Three Things 19 MINS
4. Module 4: Preaching the Gospel ... 24 MINS
5. Module 5: Preaching the Gospel ... 30 MINS
6. Module 6: Preaching the Gospel ... 29 MINS
Take Heart YZ (How Millennials Can Preach the Gospel to Themselves and What Real Difference It Will Make) is a life-changing curriculum specifically designed for young adults (20-35). Some describe it as “discipleship.” Others say “spiritual formation.” Both are accurate. It is intentionally dialogic, authentic, provocative and very Biblical. Take Heart YZ is a smart, engaging, very Biblical, relevant, authentic, dialogue-driven following-Jesus-stuff.

THYZ follows the advice of Martin Luther who taught that it is critical that Christians learn to hammer the simple uncluttered Gospel into our heads everyday. For whatever reason, we generally haven’t developed that habit. Maybe we’ve never been told that it is critical to our Christian walk? Maybe we just got distracted? No judgment from us. It’s just time to regroup and re-launch a new habit that can start to change our lives.

In this first six-part series for one-on-one or group discipleship, you will learn the ins-and-outs of the simple uncluttered Gospel and begin to learn how to preach this Gospel to your residual guilt, shame, attachment wounds and addictions. Now that should make a real difference. Not perfect, that’s Heaven. But it should be noticeable. No judgment. Paul writes that all creation groans (Rom 8:22). That includes Christians as well.
  Leader's Kit, Workbook, and Supplemental Materials
The Engage Topical Bible Study, Can’t Forgive? is based upon the breakthrough Biblical research by Pastor and forgiveness expert, Dr. Bill Senyard. What if we have, well-meaningly, misunderstood what the Bible has to say about how to forgive others? Jesus did say that we should forgive others seventy times seven times. Yet, He didn’t say how. Can’t Forgive? focuses on the “How?”. As an added bonus, Can’t Forgive? works in conjunction with The Forgiving Path, the on-line Biblical Forgiving tool that has helped hundreds of Christians learn how to forgive.

The Forgiving Path is a ministry of Gospel App Ministries. The Forgiving Path is not only the only Biblical on-line forgiving tool, it is the only on-line forgiving intervention for people who have not been able to forgive some wound or crime committed against them. It has been scientifically validated and has already helped hundreds to move toward true forgiveness. It is inexpensive, confidential, powerful, self-paced and very focused on the simple uncluttered Gospel.
1. Rules of Engagement 18 MINS
2. Forgiving is Hard! 34 MINS
3. Seven Propositions 37 MINS
4. The Magnanimous King 35 MINS
5. Final Due Diligence 34 MINS
6. Trial: Part 1 34 MINS
7. Trial: Part 2 32 MINS
8. Dance! 33 MINS
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