ReMission Gary Comer
Gary Comer
1. ReMission Intro 16 MINS
2. The Pattern 30 MINS
3. The Permeation 21 MINS
4. The Posture and The Process 20 MINS
5. Tipping the Tower 29 MINS
6. Pinpointing the Flow 39 MINS
7. The Mission Path: Step In, Step ... 19 MINS
8. The Mission Path: Step Up, Step ... 20 MINS
9. Implementation Strategies 18 MINS

Speaker:   Gary Comer
Publisher:   Soul Whisperer Ministries - 2019
disciple, leaders, mission
At a pivotal time for the church when a more distant post-Christianizing world is throwing nasty curve balls, we face a significant question: How can God's leaders better raise the body to fulfill the evangelistic disciple-making call of Christ? ReMission's process of rethinking (hard analysis) and retooling (innovative solutions/skills) shows leaders how to bring vitalizing health and conditioning for the gospel movement. Send Institute (Billy Graham Center in partnership with NAMB) selected ReMission as one of its top missiological reads.

In this 9-part series, author-professor Gary Comer interacts with prominent church leaders to help you harness the book’s concepts. Featuring: Kristy Kohnle, Communications Director; Reggie Screen, Church Planting and Discipleship Coordinator; Phillip Taylor, Teaching Pastor over Christian Education; Mike Lee, Senior Pastor, Hope Community Church; Ken Priddy, Revitalization Consultant, The Go Center.

  ReMission - Book

Speaker:   Gary Comer
Publisher:   Soul Whisperer Ministries - 2019
disciple, leaders, mission
This series focuses on the art of relational influence. Like Jesus, the original Soul Whisperer, learn to read others and share the gospel at deeper, more resonating levels. The Soul Whisperer paradigm teaches how to reach people from unique and distant starting points. 
1. Intro 8 MINS
2. Drawing 9 MINS
3. Disclosure 10 MINS
4. The Gospel Key 8 MINS
5. Key Sequence 8 MINS
6. Culture 7 MINS
7. Compassion 14 MINS
8. Steps to Faith 8 MINS
9. Paths 7 MINS
10. Breaking Through 7 MINS
11. Charge 5 MINS
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