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1. El miedo a los demás 21 MINS
2. El miedo al futuro 15 MINS
3. El miedo a nosotras mismas 19 MINS
4. Cuando los temores se vuelven ... 17 MINS
5. El temor del Señor 14 MINS

Speaker:   Trillia Newbell
Publisher:   RightNow Media - 2010
ansiedad, ansiosa, español, miedo, mujeres, subtítulos, vida cristiana
Temor y fe: en busca de la paz que tu corazón anhela.El fracaso, el rechazo, la enfermedad, perder a un ser querido, estar solas: los miedos que tenemos son muchos e intensos. El miedo puede ser un tirano, un matón del que no nos podemos esconder. Puede paralizar nuestro espíritu, dañar nuestras relaciones y entorpecer nuestra fe. 

Cuando el miedo nos ataca, ¿a quién acudimos? ¿Podemos confiar realmente en Dios?

En cinco sesiones sinceras basadas en su libro Temor y fe: en busca de la paz que tu corazón anhela, la oradora y autora Trillia Newbell invita a las mujeres a explorar sus miedos y cómo esos miedos afectan sus relaciones, su autoestima, su paz mental y su caminar con Dios. Cada sesión presenta historias de la vida real de mujeres que luchan contra el miedo debido a acontecimientos trágicos, circunstancias difíciles o una profunda ansiedad sobre lo que puede o no ocurrir. Trillia recorrerá la Escritura para mostrarnos el amor y la fortaleza de Dios cuando tenemos miedo y su fidelidad en tiempos de problemas.

Sea cual sea el miedo, se darán cuenta de que no están solas y de que tienen una esperanza. Tienen a Aquel que puede calmar sus miedos, desarrollar su fe y darles la paz que sus corazones anhelan.
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Speaker:   Trillia Newbell
Publisher:   RightNow Media - 2010
ansiedad, ansiosa, español, miedo, mujeres, subtítulos, vida cristiana
In the beginning, God created light. When He made humanity, God infused the first man and woman with His own glory—so they would blaze with His light in the universe. But humanity’s sin snuffed out the flame. Through history, those who followed God flickered with His glory. Then God became human. In His perfect life and death, Jesus brought light back to our fallen race. Explore how you can blaze with God’s glory—through the power of Jesus’ gospel and with the fire of the Holy Spirit. In this darkened world, we were made to shine.

The RightNow Conference is for pastors and ministry leaders looking for refreshment and a chance to grow in their faith. Experience our full lineup of speakers, who will challenge you to grow in your relationship with God, to lead your team well, and to reach the world. For more information on the speakers or sessions, download the full conference program below.

If you'd like more information or want to experience our conference in person, visit the website here.
1. The Danger and Delight of ... 35 MINS
2. Driven vs. Called 36 MINS
3. Building a Passion for ... 59 MINS
4. Connection Before Production 37 MINS
5. Watch Your Mouth 34 MINS
6. Changing the World Through ... 39 MINS
7. The Kingdom and Culture 42 MINS
8. Enjoying to God's Glory 32 MINS
9. The Rock on Which Jesus Builds ... 35 MINS
10. The Crazy Cycle in Marriage 32 MINS
11. The Ideal Team Player 32 MINS
12. Convictions of the Leader 30 MINS
13. Self Leadership 28 MINS
Trillia Newbell
Fear and Faith: Finding the Peace Your Heart Craves.

Failure, rejection, sickness, losing a loved one, being alone—the fears we carry are many and heavy. Fear can be a tyrant, a bully we can't hide from. It can paralyze our spirit, damage our relationships, and hinder our faith. 

When we're struck with fear, where do we turn? Can God really be trusted?

In five heartfelt sessions based on her book, Fear and Faith: Finding the Peace Your Heart Craves, speaker and author Trillia Newbell invites women to explore their fears and how those fears impact their relationships, self-esteem, peace of mind, and walk with God. Each session features real-life stories of women who are wrestling with fear due to tragic events, difficult circumstances, or deep anxiety about what may or may not happen. Trillia will walk through Scriptures that show God's love and strength when we are afraid and His faithfulness in times of trouble.

Whatever your fear, you will realize you are not alone, nor are you without hope. You have the One who can calm your fears, grow your faith, and give the peace your heart craves. 

Note to Leaders: If you are leading a group through this Bible study, watch this short training post to help you facilitate. Click here!
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1. Fear of Others 21 MINS
2. Fear of the Future 15 MINS
3. Fear of Ourselves 19 MINS
4. When Your Fears Come True 17 MINS
5. Fear of the Lord 14 MINS
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