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Speaker:   Akshay Rajkumar
Publisher:   RightNow Media - 2019
Cuando observamos al mundo actual, es fácil sentirse desanimado y agobiado. La carta de Pablo a los filipenses, escrita desde la prisión, aborda estos mismos sentimientos con la esperanza que se encuentra en Cristo. Aun cuando enfrentó la cárcel y la persecución, Pablo instó a los filipenses a regocijarse en el Señor sin importar sus circunstancias. 

En esta serie de seis sesiones, el pastor Akshay Rajkumar aborda el desánimo y la desesperanza que la gente enfrenta hoy en día, y ofrece la esperanza del gozo, la verdad, la libertad y el amor reales que Pablo describe en Filipenses. Si tenemos a Cristo, tenemos vida real. 
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Speaker:   Akshay Rajkumar
Publisher:   RightNow Media - 2019
Many have looked out into the world with all of its pain and poverty, even before the virus pandemic, and concluded that God doesn’t care. In this webinar hosted by pastor Akshay Rajkumar of Redeemer Church in South Delhi, Rebecca McLaughlin shares the hope and help of God during these unsettling times and answers difficult questions about the role and relevance of God in this Coronavirus world. Rebecca is the author of Confronting Christianity, named “2020 Book of the Year” by Christianity Today.
1. The Role and Relevance of God ... 1 HR 17 MINS
New City Mumbai and Redeemer Delhi co-hosted a webinar that offers biblical hope and practical tips on responding to expected financial challenges in the time of COVID-19.
1. A Webinar on Financial ... 1 HR 26 MINS
Akshay Rajkumar
As we look at the world today, it’s easy to feel discouraged and overwhelmed. Paul’s letter to the Philippians, written from prison, addresses these same feelings with hope found in Christ. Even as he faced prison and persecution, Paul urged the Philippians to rejoice in the Lord no matter what their circumstances.

In this 6-part series pastor Akshay Rajkumar addresses the discouragement and hopelessness that people face today and offers the hope of real joy, truth, freedom, and love that Paul writes about in Philippians. If we have Christ, we have real life. 
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