Wild Places George DeJong
Wild Places
George DeJong
1. In or Out 13 MINS
2. Not Tame 13 MINS
3. Adullam 12 MINS
4. Dothan 12 MINS
5. Cowardly 15 MINS
6. Cartouche 11 MINS
7. Goshen 13 MINS
It's surprising how and where God nurtures his people. Where we seek to protect and shield, God is not intimidated with "at risk" situations. Whether it's the "iron-smelting furnace" of Egypt or the "vast and dreadful wilderness," God shapes his people in extraordinary situations and circumstances. C.S. Lewis' description is apt: "he is good...but his is not tame." Filmed on location in the Middle East this series will transform your understanding of God and challenge you to be a bolder follower of Jesus.

Join pastor and teacher George DeJong as he leads you to a deeper understanding and love of the Bible, through his teachings in Egypt, Jordan, and Israel. Presenting new scriptural insights, George will give you "eyes to see and ears to hear" as he presents God's love for you and His desire for your life.
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Have you ever read a Bible story, especially one in the Old Testament, and when you closed your Bible you wondered, is there more? Well, it’s been said “what one sees depends much on where one stands” and in this series George leads the group to stand on the sites where these stories occurred! Stand with them to more appreciate the geography, the culture, and the Text. Experience something of what Jesus taught in Matthew 13:52 as George leads us in “bringing out of His storeroom new treasures as well as old.”
1. Mt. Gilboa 18 MINS
2. Bethel 13 MINS
3. Shechem 11 MINS
4. Shiloh 11 MINS
5. A Tomb 15 MINS
Trace any civilization and geography provides the stage; place plays a role in shaping life while at the same time giving us a glimpse into why God places us where we live today. The Bible contains so many stories of God placing his people in places and situations they'd never choose, and yet it is especially there and in those circumstances that he seeks to be known, trusted, and glorified. In a word: loved. This series explores God's intentionality by focusing on specific people in surprising and fascinating places where he pursues his loving purpose and conveys his great love. Join our teacher George DeJong as he explores various Biblical places and the stories that happened there to discover God's provision, protection, and providence in the lives of our faith ancestors. When we better understand their stories we will better appreciate God's provision, protection, and providence in ours.
1. Joppa 15 MINS
2. Capernaum 15 MINS
3. Nain 15 MINS
4. Samaria 13 MINS
5. Jericho 9 MINS
George DeJong
In this second installment of a two part series beginning with Wild Places, you are invited to join teacher, pastor, and historian George DeJong on location in the Wilderness of Paran to explore the Tabernacle. Interestingly, God requires that the Tabernacle be located at the center of the camp and in Exodus 25:8 we learn why when he instructs: "Have them make a sanctuary for me, and I will dwell...." not "in it" but "among them." God's passion and goal from the beginning was and is: to dwell in/among us - especially in the Wild Places! Approach the Tabernacle as those who experienced God there in the wilderness. In this series, George engages the elements of the Tabernacle using his knowledge of Egyptology as well as Rabbinic insights; asking such questions as: "Why are there horns on the altars, why must the priest wash off the blood at the bronze laver when it is the blood that "covers" our sin, given how heavy that Ark is, how many Levites did it take to carry it?" In this series we learn that God's favorite place to be was not in the tent, but among his people- especially in their wild places. What was true for them is especially true for us.
1. Tabernacle: Mikdash 15 MINS
2. Tabernacle: Altar 14 MINS
3. Tabernacle: Laver 13 MINS
4. Tabernacle: Priest Court 14 MINS
5. Tabernacle: Ark 18 MINS
6. Tabernacle: Naos 16 MINS
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