Overcoming Life's Challenges Steve Baird
Trailer 3 MINS
1. The School of Hard Knocks 15 MINS
2. My Teacher Doesn't Like Me 18 MINS
3. But I Experience Test Anxiety 16 MINS
4. When Will I Ever Use This in ... 14 MINS
5. Isn't the Learning Center for ... 20 MINS
6. Doesn't My Teacher Grade on a ... 16 MINS
7. I'm Being Recognized at the ... 20 MINS
8. The Commencement Address: A ... 17 MINS
At this very moment, each of us finds ourselves going into, in the middle of, or coming out of one of life’s challenges. Whether the challenge is mental, emotional, relational, physical or spiritual, we experience the testing of our faith daily. God’s desire for us is to not merely pass the test but to demonstrate our faith is genuine and develop the character of Jesus Christ. As we attend the school of hard knocks together, lets us learn principles from James that will enable us to Overcome Life’s Challenges!
  Overcoming Life's Challenges - Book
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