Perfect Blend Chris Conrad
Trailer 3 MINS
1. identify 10 MINS
2. intercede 8 MINS
3. intersect 7 MINS
4. invite 9 MINS
5. include 7 MINS
6. influence 6 MINS
Most Christians feel that they should share their faith with others but feel too busy to take on an added responsibility. This resource lays to rest the myth that evangelism is an "add on" activity by showing that sharing the faith is something that happens in the context of daily life. Small group members will enter the context of a coffee shop where Chris Conrad shares insights on missional living in six casual teaching sessions. As he addresses the viewers, others in the coffee shop demonstrate the way everyday situations can become the setting for spiritual conversations.

Also Available: Perfect Blend Participant Journal  
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  Perfect Blend - Participant Journal
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