The Smart Stepfamily 2019 Ron Deal
The Smart Stepfamily 2019
Ron Deal
Trailer 2 MINS
1. Becoming a Smart Stepfamily 16 MINS
2. Step Up to Discover a ... 14 MINS
3. Step Down Your Expectations 18 MINS
4. Step Through the Wilderness ... 13 MINS
5. Two-Step Your Marriage 15 MINS
6. Side Step the Common Pitfalls 20 MINS
7. Step in Line with the Parenting ... 18 MINS
8. Step Over Into the Promised ... 13 MINS
9. Bonus Session: Dating 5 MINS
10. Bonus Session: Kids 10 MINS
11. Message to the Leader 4 MINS

Speaker:   Ron Deal
Publisher:   RightNow Media - 2019
When stepfamily life gets tough, remaining dedicated to your commitment is a day-to-day decision. In this 8-part series, Ron Deal gives couples the seven fundamental steps to blended family success and provides practical, realistic solutions to the issues you face as a stepfamily. Discover useable solutions for everyday living, practical tips for raising stepkids, and ways to strengthen the couple's marriage. 

This series combines instruction and encouragement that affirms both husbands and wives and their intent to build strong families. Whether married or soon-to-be married, you’ll discover how to communicate effectively and solve the everyday puzzles of stepchildren relationships.
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Speaker:   Ron Deal
Publisher:   RightNow Media - 2019

Ron Deal (Blended family expert) and Laurie Short (author and stepmom) tackle the hot button topics for stepfamilies in a five minute, cut-to-the-chase style. From choosing battles to managing triggers, first steps to biggest challenges, these ten tips will give you the insights you need for managing life in a blended family.

Whether you are in a blended family yourself, or work with blended families at your church, Ron's expertise and Laurie's experience provide the perfect balance in addressing the challenges that face second marriages. Perfect for Couples, Small Groups, Blended family coaching or retreats.

**A bonus video is included at the end for pastors who want to be better equipped to minister to blended families in their church.

Discussion questions available HERE:

Additional resources:

Laurie Short: Grace-filled Stepparenting: Help and Hope for this Unique and Loving Role

Ron Deal: The Smart Stepfamily series, Preparing to Blend, Building Love in Blended Families and The Smart Stepfamily marriage.

Trailer 1 MIN
1. Tip #1: Biggest Challenges 4 MINS
2. Tip #2: First Steps 5 MINS
3. Tip #3: Choosing Battles 6 MINS
4. Tip #4: Facing Rejection 5 MINS
5. Tip #5: Managing Triggers 5 MINS
6. Tip #6: Voicing Frustrations 5 MINS
7. Tip #7: Helpful Perspectives 4 MINS
8. Tip #8: Finding Support 5 MINS
9. Tip #9: Ron's Best Advice 6 MINS
10. Tip #10: Laurie's Best Advice 5 MINS
11. Ron's Message to Pastors 6 MINS
Cuando la vida de la familia reconstituida se vuelve difícil, permanecer dedicados al compromiso es una decisión diaria. En esta serie de 8 sesiones, Ron Deal brinda a las parejas los siete pasos fundamentales para lograr el éxito en las familias reconstituidas y soluciones prácticas y realistas a los problemas que enfrentan como familia reconstituida. Descubran soluciones útiles para la vida cotidiana, consejos prácticos para criar hijastros y formas de fortalecer el matrimonio de la pareja. 

Esta serie combina instrucción y ánimo que afirma a los esposos y a su intención de construir familias fuertes. Ya sea que estén casados, o estén próximos a casarse, descubrirán cómo comunicarse de manera efectiva y resolver los enigmas cotidianos de las relaciones con los hijastros.
Tráiler 2 MINS
1. Ser una familia reconstituida ... 16 MINS
2. Dar un paso adelante para ... 14 MINS
3. Renunciar a sus expectativas 18 MINS
4. Atravesar el desierto de lo ... 13 MINS
5. Dos pasos en su matrimonio 15 MINS
6. Evitar las trampas comunes 20 MINS
7. Alinearse con el equipo de ... 18 MINS
8. Ingresar a la tierra prometida 13 MINS
9. Sesión extra: Las citas 5 MINS
10. Sesión extra: Los niños 10 MINS
11. Mensaje al líder 4 MINS
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