Worldview: Thinking and Living Biblically Greg Laurie
Worldview: Thinking and Living Biblically
Greg Laurie
1. A Life of Endurance 52 MINS
2. A View from Another World 37 MINS
3. The Biblical Worldview on the ... 34 MINS
4. The Biblical Worldview on Find ... 45 MINS
5. The Biblical Worldview on ... 43 MINS
6. A Biblical Worldview of Human ... 33 MINS
7. The Biblical Worldview of the ... 41 MINS
8. The Biblical Worldview on ... 36 MINS
9. Tornados and Potatoes 49 MINS
Having a biblical worldview means looking at life through the lens of the Bible. It’s how you see your world, and impacts everything you are—from morality to money to marriage to how you will vote in the next election. Pastor Greg Laurie, along with Ricky Ryan, Jack Graham, Skip Heitzig, Lee Strobel and Levi Lusko, shows you how to make sure your worldview is the right worldview—one that will help you navigate today’s challenges and lead you into an eternity of joy.  
As a Christian, if you are not growing spiritually, you are regressing. Pastor Greg Laurie gives some time-tested advice on how to make sure you are moving forward in your spiritual life. Learn basic disciplines to keep you pressing on and growing in the faith, so that you can become a mature believer and help others in their spiritual walk as well.
1. The importance of God's Word 30 MINS
2. The Importance of Prayer 30 MINS
3. Why Does God Allow Trials in ... 29 MINS
4. Why Does God Allow Temptation 30 MINS
Greg Laurie
Can there be a “happily ever after” in the home? Pastor Greg Laurie addresses the advantages and challenges of marriage and singleness. When our foundation is God, we are empowered by the Holy Spirit to put others before ourselves—displaying marriage as God’s witness to the world. It’s not about finding the right person, but being the right person. Discover what the Bible has to say about family and relationships in this important series.
1. Home Sweet Home 47 MINS
2. God's Plan for Sex and Marriage 43 MINS
3. Four Words That Can Change Your ... 44 MINS
4. How to Get a New Husband 42 MINS
5. God's Plan for the Family 38 MINS
6. How to Divorce-Proof Your ... 41 MINS
Greg Laurie
Harvest America is the coordination of hundreds of churches around a live broadcast site and thousands of host locations across the nation coming together on one night to bring the life-saving message of the gospel to their community through a large-scale evangelistic outreach. With music from top Christian artists and a biblical message from pastor and evangelist Greg Laurie, Harvest America presents the hope of Jesus Christ in a comfortable, nonthreatening environment.
1. Harvest America 47 MINS
If God is good, why is there so much suffering in the world? While that question cannot be fully understood this side of Heaven, we can gain many insights on this topic from the ancient book of Job. In this crucial series, Pastor Greg Laurie describes qualities exhibited by Job that are important to God, the suffering that God allowed to come into Job’s life, and Job’s reaction to suffering.
1. Why Does God Allow Suffering? 51 MINS
Pastor Greg Laurie shares what it means to be a real disciple of Christ, and encourages us to learn and grow into spiritual maturity. As believers in Jesus, it is our commission and purpose to be disciples who obey and imitate Him. Opportunity is everywhere, but time is limited. We must seize the moment while we can.
1. Are You His Disciple? 35 MINS
2. What is a Disciple? 43 MINS
3. The Disciplines of a Disciple 39 MINS
4. Just Do It! 36 MINS
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