The Pentateuch Jon Kehrer
The Pentateuch
Jon Kehrer
1. A God Who Creates 13 MINS
2. A God Who Blesses 18 MINS
3. A God Who is With Me 24 MINS
4. A God Who Knows 16 MINS
5. A God Who Fights 16 MINS
6. A God Who Saves 19 MINS
7. A God Who is Gracious 18 MINS
8. A God Who is Slow to Anger 23 MINS
9. A God Who is Holy 22 MINS
10. A God Who is Jealous 19 MINS
11. A God Who is Covenantally Loyal 16 MINS
12. A God Who Loves 19 MINS
In this series, Jon Kehrer (Old Testament faculty at Ozark Christian College) will topically walk through the first five books of the Old Testament. It will focus on specific portraits of God that we see in the Pentateuch, such as “A God Who Saves, Fights, Loves,” and more.  
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Jon Kehrer

Jon Kehrer (Old Testament and Biblical Languages Professor at Ozark Christian College) walks through ten words—also known as the 10 commandments—that God gave the Israelites. Learn how these ten words teach us to hear God’s voice and live out the kingdom of heaven here and now.

1. Rethinking “Law” 16 MINS
2. Word #1: No other gods 18 MINS
3. Word #2: No idols 16 MINS
4. Word #3: No dishonoring the ... 14 MINS
5. Word #4: Guard the Sabbath 17 MINS
6. Word #5: Honor parents 13 MINS
7. Word #6: No murder 13 MINS
8. Word #7: No adultery 14 MINS
9. Word #8: No stealing 13 MINS
10. Word #9: No false witness 14 MINS
11. Word #10: No coveting 13 MINS
12. Choose Life 17 MINS
Jon Kehrer
In this series, Jon Kehrer (Old Testament faculty at Ozark Christian College) will look into the depths of Scripture discovering God’s sovereign plan throughout history. You will also be given tools to study scripture for yourself to understand Jesus as the Messiah. 
1. Rethinking Messianic Prophesy 27 MINS
2. Understanding Typology 21 MINS
3. Guiding Principles 22 MINS
4. A Method for Interpretation 24 MINS
5. The Suffering Song of Man 20 MINS
6. The Cornerstone 22 MINS
7. The Spirit at Pentecost 22 MINS
8. The (Other) Christmas Story 24 MINS
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