Chasing Revival
Chasing Revival
1. Jerusalem 26 MINS
2. Asia-Minor 27 MINS
3. Africa 27 MINS
4. Rome 26 MINS
5. Europe 27 MINS
6. America 27 MINS
7. China 27 MINS
8. 1040-Window 27 MINS
9. Salem 28 MINS

Publisher:   Back To Jerusalem - 2017
jerusalem, jesus, prophesy, revival, the great commission
What does it take to see a revival in our generation? Join us as we search for answers by exploring the details of the very first revival in Jerusalem and following it all the way to the modern day revivals taking place in China. Travel around the world in the footsteps of the early church and see the transformative power of the Gospel message in a way that you never have before.

Part 1 Jerusalem
Our road trip Bible study truly begins with one Man, Jesus Christ, and in one city,Jerusalem. Jesus did not come as an earthly king or a religious ruler. He did not come as a spirit hovering above an altar that only the high priests could approach.He came as a man, to earth, to a city – Jerusalem. We travel there to find out why.

Part 2 Asia Minor
The book of Acts shows us a completely new revival as we travel us Asia Minor, in to the land of the Gentiles. It is here that the training wheels come off. Everything that Jesus taught to His disciples would be needed in these new lands. The Holy Spirit leads Paul and the disciples into new nations to ignite the revival fires.

Part 3 Africa and Early Days of Revival
The world’s first Christian nation? The world’s oldest Bible? Missing tribes of Israel?The current location of the Ark of the Covenant? Africa’s rich heritage from the first century church will blow you away. More disciples traveled to the continent of Africa after the ascension of Jesus than any other place. We travel there to find out why.

Part 4 Rome and the End of the World
Outside of Jerusalem, no other city in the world exudes more meaning for Christians than the city of Rome. An entire book of the New Testament is dedicated to the citizens of Rome. Few cities have been responsible for more violent persecutions or fueled more revivals than this one. From the prison cells to the cathedrals, we explore the city that inspired the Greek letters found in the New Testament.

Part 5 Europe
Revivals continued it’s march into the heart of Europe. Even though the population of Europe is small in comparison to the rest of the world, Europe has been one of the most influential continents on the planet. The stories and testimonies of the saints that fanned revival fires are written in mountains of books with oceans of ink.The subject matter that we discover (hedonism, homosexuality, slavery, etc) is not for the faint of heart.

Part 6 America
Is America really a Christian nation? How did Christianity first arrive? What if I told you that revivals in America were a continuation of Acts chapter 1? The plans of God for this nation were carefully laid out before the foundations of the world.American revivals were set ablaze by carefully planned kindling that had been lying idle for generations awaiting the perfect moment to burst forth with predestined fire.

Part 7 China
Today China is experiencing the world’s largest revival. Several thousand Chinese come to Christ every day. Many feel that these revivals are happening in contrast to their back ground of being Buddhists, Animists, Taoists, or Confucianists, but a closer looks shows that China has been following after the God of the Bible since the beginning of their history 5,000 years ago. Are these current revivals a sign that the nation of China is going back to her roots?

Part 8 The Land Between the Walls
Between the Great Wall of China and the Western Wall of Jerusalem lies the final frontier of the Great Commission. The final words of Jesus to take the Good News to the whole world has not yet been fulfilled. The nations between these two walls have yet to experience revival. We travel there to see what is needed to see the fulfillment of the Great Commission in our life time.

Part 9 Back to Jerusalem
Chasing revival around the globe on this road trip Bible study leads us right back to where it all started 2,000 years ago. We come full circle. Where revival started is the same place where it ends. Both the end and the beginning are in the same city –Jerusalem. This journey of following the history of revival back to Jerusalem reveals more about end time prophesies told to us by Jesus and in the Book of Revelation than we ever though possible.

Publisher:   Back To Jerusalem - 2017
jerusalem, jesus, prophesy, revival, the great commission
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