10 Commandments
10 Commandments
1. Session 1: "Thou shalt have no ... 12 MINS
2. Session 2: "Thou shalt not make ... 12 MINS
3. Session 3: "Thou shalt not take ... 10 MINS
4. Session 4: "Remember the ... 10 MINS
5. Session 5: "Honor they father ... 11 MINS
6. Session 6: "Thou shalt not ... 13 MINS
7. Session 7: "Thou shalt not ... 14 MINS
8. Session 8: "Thou shalt not ... 9 MINS
9. Session 9: "Thou shalt not bear ... 9 MINS
10. Session 10: "Thou shalt not ... 10 MINS
In the 20th chapter of the Book of Exodus, God gives humanity a revolutionary new way to live: The Ten Commandments. As God is building His nation, the nation of Israel, He calls Moses up to Mount Sinai, and ultimately gives him ten commands, which will guide, form, and shape His people for all of eternity.

At the root of each command is an underlying invitation from God to a better life. The commands are intended to help us live the life that God intended for us to life, free from the consequences of sin while in a deep, personal relationship with God and others. The Ten Commandments are designed to help us live according to God's plan for us. His idea of the commands was not to give us strict rules and take the fun out of life. They are guidelines to help keep us living in a right relationship with God and with other people.

In this Life Group series, "10 Commandments," we will explore and study ad new commandment every week. This series will help you better understand how to live out each commandment as well as understand God's heart behind each commandment. The goal of this series is to gain godly insights and wisdom, and ultimately help you put God's word into practice in your life, and consequently experience God's full life for you.
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