I Am Jesus
I Am Jesus
1. Session One - The Bread of Life 12 MINS
2. Session Two - The Light of the ... 11 MINS
3. Session Three - The Door 11 MINS
4. Session Four - The Good ... 12 MINS
5. Session Five - The Way and the ... 14 MINS
6. Session Six - The True Vine 13 MINS
7. Session Seven - The ... 12 MINS
In the book of John, we read about Jesus' mission in this world. We are shown the greatness of His power, as well as how He lived and interacted with those around Him. Through the reading and studying of John's Gospel, we get insight into who Jesus is through the statements that He made Himself. He says "I AM the bread of life..." "I AM the light of the world..." "I AM the door..." "I AM the good shepherd..." "I AM the way, the truth, and the life..." "I AM the true vine..." "I AM the resurrection...." These statements of Jesus, found in the book of John, are called the "I AM" statements, and they recall the Lord God's self-identification in Exodus 3:14.

In this seven week Life Group series called "I AM Jesus," we will explore these "I AM" statements found in the Gospel of John. We will observe and discuss the power, richness, and depth of each statement. We will also consider how we, as followers of Jesus, can apply these statements in our lives today.

Through "I AM Jesus", our prayer is that you would be abundantly blessed by understanding and experiencing more of God's love and power that comes with these astonishing statements. As we dive deep into studying and discussing these "I AM" statements, we find that it is no coincidence that Jesus is who He claimed to be; He is God in the flesh...the Great "I AM"!
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