The Joy of Generosity
The Joy of Generosity
1. What Does Generosity Mean to ... 3 MINS
2. The Gospel is Generosity 2 MINS
3. You Can Be Free From Anxiety ... 2 MINS
4. How To Unlock Generosity In ... 4 MINS
5. The Joy and Blessing of Giving 1 MIN
6. Scarcity or Abundance ... 3 MINS
7. The Power of Giving 5 MINS
8. Why Twentysomethings Value ... 4 MINS
9. When A Church Values Generosity 1 MIN
10. How Young Givers Can Prepare ... 4 MINS
11. Fuel for Radical Generosity 1 MIN
12. You Don't Have To Have Income ... 4 MINS
Generosity has gotten a bad wrap. It's not a duty, it's an adventure. It's not an obligation; it's a joy.

In this 12-part series, you'll hear about the surprising joy of generosity and how it's at the heart of the gospel of Jesus. Leaders like Louie Giglio, Mart Green, Bobby Gruenewald, Nancy Ortberg, and Todd Peterson share how generosity has changed their perspective, their families, and their churches.
  Book - Giving Together: An Adventure in Generosity
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