Training Ground Video Series
Training Ground Video Series
1. Discovering the Heart of a ... 36 MINS
2. Understanding The Father-Son ... 25 MINS
3. Discovering Your Calling 17 MINS
4. Porn Addiction 25 MINS
5. The Mystery of Wilderness 18 MINS
6. The Value of Our Story 23 MINS
7. The Importance of Worship 29 MINS
8. More Than Just Reading Your ... 24 MINS
When we started putting these videos together, our vision was for small groups of young men to get together to share a meal or some coffee once a week for an hour, to invest in each other and their walks with Christ. The intent is for the streamed videos to be conversation starters, helping introduce the topics and provide a platform for the small groups to talk about their own life experiences within each topic. These videos can easily be used on campus and church settings.

Our challenge to you is get some of your friends together to go through these videos, download and discuss the PDFs and further resources by each teacher, and see where the Lord takes your relationships with each other and Him. Our hope is that the videos and PDFs will encourage and strengthen your relationship with Christ and others.

This is a small slice of the summer program we offer to young men. Those three summer months are filled with challenge and conversation with wiser, older men and women. You will walk away from our summer program a part of a special brotherhood of alumni.

  Discovering The Heart of a Woman - Handout
  Understanding The Father-Son Relationship - Handout
  Discovering Your Calling - Handout
  Porn Addiction - Handout
  The Mystery of Wilderness - Handout
  The Value of Our Story - Handout
  The Importance of Worship - Handout
  More Than Just Reading Your Bible - Handout
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