El Libro de Jueces J.D. Greear
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1. Jueces 1:1–36 13 MINS
2. Jueces 3:7–31 10 MINS
3. Jueces 4:1–5:31 12 MINS
4. Jueces 6:1–40 12 MINS
5. Jueces 7:1–25 11 MINS
6. Jueces 8:1–10:5 13 MINS
7. Jueces 10:6–12:15 15 MINS
8. Jueces 13:1–25 12 MINS
9. Jueces 14:1–16:31 13 MINS
10. Jueces 17:1–18:31 9 MINS
11. Jueces 19:1–21:25 13 MINS
El libro de Jueces abre una ventana a las profundidades del alma humana. Vea como una nación batalla con su identidad y con su relación con Dios. Héroes y heroínas se levantarán, con el aparente potencial para salvar a Israel. Pero al final, cada uno de ellos prueba ser un salvador ineficaz que no puede llevar a cabo la tarea.

En esta serie, el pastor y autor J.D. Greear se adentra al libro de Jueces para alumbrar las aguas pantanosas de la rebelión humana. Estas historias y verdades no son cuentos arcaicos sin relevancia para nosotros el día de hoy. En este libro, J.D. explorará cada capítulo explicando la verdad de la gracia de Dios en medio de la maldad humana, y nos mostrará cómo solo Dios puede redimir al caído. 
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The book of Judges cracks a window into depths of the human soul. Watch a nation struggle with its identity and relationship to its God. Heroes and heroines arise, who seem to have the potential to save Israel. But in the end, each proves to be a broken savior that cannot deliver.

In this series, pastor and author J.D. Greear wades into the book of Judges to shine a light onto the muddy waters of human rebellion. The stories and truths within are not just archaic tales with no relevance for us today. Rather, J.D. works through each chapter unpacking the truth of God’s grace in the midst of human wickedness, and shows how only the divine can redeem the fallen.

Get the full study experience by downloading the resources below. This Leader’s Guide contains over 85 pages of in-depth narrative teaching with direction for group discussion and helpful answers to biblical questions. It moves beyond knowledge to the real-life application of God’s Word in either personal or group study. 
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1. Judges 1:1–3:6 13 MINS
2. Judges 3:7–31 10 MINS
3. Judges 4 & 5 12 MINS
4. Judges 6 12 MINS
5. Judges 7 11 MINS
6. Judges 8:1–10:5 13 MINS
7. Judges 10:6–12:15 15 MINS
8. Judges 13 12 MINS
9. Judges 14–16 13 MINS
10. Judges 17 & 18 9 MINS
11. Judges 19–21 13 MINS
¿Se le ha ocurrido alguna vez que a Dios nada le sorprende? Él ha sabido desde antes de la formación del mundo que Su pueblo enfrentaría adversidades. Así que nos dio su Palabra. El libro de Efesios es un manual de supervivencia—equipa a los creyentes a crecer y prosperar en un mundo que odia el mensaje de Cristo Jesús. El apóstol Pablo escribió esta epístola para animar a creyentes a vivir bien—pues hemos sido levantados de un cementerio de pecado para proclamar el evangelio a un mundo entenebrecido. 

El pastor J.D. Greear nos guía a través de las poderosas palabras de Pablo. En 9 sesiones J.D. profundiza en el texto, versículo tras versículo de Efesios, desafiando a los creyentes a vivir activamente el evangelio. Después de todo, si las personas de su ciudad, de su escuela, o de su familia van a escuchar el evangelio, va a ser a través de su boca. Descubra Efesios, y sumérjase en la historia de Jesús.

Para obtener toda la experiencia descargue los recursos y complementos subsiguientes. La guía de estudio contiene más de 40 páginas de una enseñanza profunda con direcciones para la discusión en grupo y respuestas útiles para preguntas bíblicas. Esta guía de estudio va más allá de tan sólo darnos conocimiento, nos da varias aplicaciones prácticas de la Palabra de Dios para nuestra vida diaria o para nuestro estudio en grupo.  
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1. Efesios 1:1–14 14 MINS
2. Efesios 1:15–23 11 MINS
3. Efesios 2:1–10 11 MINS
4. Efesios 2:11–3:13 10 MINS
5. Efesios 3:14–4:16 12 MINS
6. Efesios 4:17–5:7 13 MINS
7. Efesios 5:8–21 11 MINS
8. Efesios 5:22–6:9 12 MINS
9. Efesios 6:10–24 14 MINS
Has it ever dawned on you that nothing has ever dawned on God? He knew before the world began that His people would face hardship, so He gave us His Word. The Book of Ephesians is a survival manual—it equips believers to thrive in a world that hates the message of Jesus Christ. Paul the Apostle writes to encourage believers to live well—we've been lifted from the graveyard of sin and called to shout the gospel into the darkened world. 

Pastor and author J.D. Greear walks through the powerful words of Paul. In 9 sessions, J.D. digs into the text of Ephesians verse-by-verse and challenges believers to live out the gospel. If the people of your city, of your school, of your family are going to hear the gospel, it's going to be from your mouth. Encounter Ephesians, and get swept up into the story of Jesus.

Note: If you are leading a group through this Bible study, watch this short training post: click here!
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1. Ephesians 1:1–14 14 MINS
2. Ephesians 1:15–23 11 MINS
3. Ephesians 2:1–10 11 MINS
4. Ephesians 2:11–3:13 10 MINS
5. Ephesians 3:14–4:16 12 MINS
6. Ephesians 4:17–5:7 13 MINS
7. Ephesians 5:8–21 11 MINS
8. Ephesians 5:22–6:9 12 MINS
9. Ephesians 6:10–24 14 MINS
In “The Name,” Pastor J.D. answers the most ambitious question that any of us could ever ask, “Who is God?” We've all got ideas about God but which ones are true? And can we really know the essence of who God is? This series will show us a God that is both more awe-inspiring and more intimate than we could ever have imagined.
1. I Am: Exodus 34:6-7; 3:14 44 MINS
2. His Presence Is In His Name: ... 47 MINS
3. Abounding In Love: Exodus ... 45 MINS
4. By No Means Clearing the ... 43 MINS
5. Holy and Awesome: Exodus ... 44 MINS
In “From the Beginning,” Pastor J.D. looks at God's design for love, relationships, and sex. There was once a time when talking about sex was taboo. That's certainly not our society today. But the louder the conversation gets, the more obvious it is that most of us have no idea what we're talking about. With “From the Beginning,” we take a candid look at sexual relationships—from the ones that destroy us to the ones that give us life.
1. The Power of Sex: Proverbs ... 43 MINS
2. Preparing for the Ultimate ... 43 MINS
3. God's Love and Same Sex ... 47 MINS
4. When is it OK to Divorce and ... 44 MINS
5. How am I Supposed to Find a ... 44 MINS
6. Why Friendship is so Important 43 MINS
In “Broken Saviors,” Pastor J.D. looks at Judges, a book with some of the most scandalous and strange stories in the entire Bible. Through this scandalous history, we'll see what God can do with the most broken of heroes—and behind every hero, we'll see a God who remains faithful even when we are faithless.
1. The Causes and Cure for ... 41 MINS
2. Southpaw Savior: Judges ... 45 MINS
3. Deborah and Barak: Calling All ... 39 MINS
4. Calling and Courage: Gideon: ... 44 MINS
5. The Underdog's Secret: Judges ... 43 MINS
6. When the Good Goes Bad (Gideon ... 43 MINS
7. Hot Dog Faith: Jephthah: Judges ... 41 MINS
8. When The Weak Become Strong: ... 47 MINS
9. When the Strong Become Weak: ... 45 MINS
10. Christian Atheism: Judges 17-21 46 MINS
Many Christians—from the CEO to the teacher to the stay-at-home mom—spend a great deal of time working and yet do not realize how their work intersects with their faith. They compartmentalize their faith to Sunday morning and see the rest of their week as having little to do with their walk with God. Scripture, however, makes no division between the sacred and secular parts of our lives. God gives us our work, talent and skills so that through them we might worship Him.

This six-part Bible study resource will challenge all of us to consider the reason God calls us to work. It will cause you to consider why He may have you in your current position and encourage you to look beyond how your job makes you feel and see purpose and significance in your work.

Through powerful biblical teaching, real-life documentary stories and engaging video illustrations, this series will help us understand the biblical mandate for work. We have been called to work with excellence, integrity, and diligence, and our careers are opportunities to be on mission for Christ in the marketplace. God gives us great potential for impact on our families, churches, communities and the world through the blessing of our work.
Trailer 2 MINS
1. Your Work Matters to God 25 MINS
2. Performance and Attitude 19 MINS
3. Christian Employees 26 MINS
4. Christian Owners and Managers 19 MINS
5. Your Faith at Work 27 MINS
6. Don't Worship Work 18 MINS
The letter of Hebrews was written to an early Christian church as an encouragement in the faith. This church had embraced Christ but struggled in their devotion because some of them were facing persecution, some loved ones were suffering, friends had walked away from the faith, and normal temptation and doubt had both crept in. Does this church sound like yours?

J.D. Greear, the lead pastor at The Summit Church in Raleigh, North Carolina, teaches this ten part series through the book of Hebrews called Christ is Better. He acknowledges that many Christians first trusted Christ with a subtle belief that everything about their new life would be easy and worry free, but became frustrated when they learned that Christ followers have problems too. Sometimes Christians encounter these problems and wonder if it would be better to just return to their old life. J.D. teaches that the book of Hebrews has one basic message. Don't give up. Christ is better. God all the way with him.
1. Gods Final Word 47 MINS
2. King Champion Brother Priest 55 MINS
3. Finding Inner Rest 1 HR 4 MINS
4. Melchizedek 55 MINS
5. Perserve 1 HR 2 MINS
6. No More Consciousness of Sins 50 MINS
7. Impossible Without Faith 51 MINS
8. The 4 Helps To Faith 53 MINS
9. Finding the Unshakable City 55 MINS
10. Practical Christianity 1 HR 2 MINS
The Kingdom of Jesus was inexplicable and undeniable. Jesus proclaimed the Kingdom everywhere he went and demonstrated that it was real. He encountered people everywhere, however, who could not see it and would not believe. They were skeptics. Luke records many stories of skeptics who encountered the Kingdom because they encountered Jesus, and their stories are great lessons to us.

This series, called Kingdom Come, is taught by J.D. Greear, the lead pastor at The Summit Church in Raleigh, North Carolina. He calls Luke's book the Gospel for skeptics. Some people become skeptics because disappointment has damaged their ability to trust God. Other skeptics have bought into the world's philosophy and will not intellectually consent to the Kingdom of Jesus. J.D. looks into Luke's Gospel and sees answers for both of these. Doubt isn't always a bad thing. It doesn't have to create skeptics. Real faith arises when the inexplicable meets the undeniable.
1. Surprise 49 MINS
2. Inauguration 59 MINS
3. Jesus' Upside Down Kingdom 55 MINS
4. Amazing Tenderness 54 MINS
5. Surprised by God's Willingness ... 48 MINS
6. The Hiddenness of Jesus 58 MINS
7. The Weightness of the Kingdom 57 MINS
8. Who's at your Party 59 MINS
9. The Imminence of the Kingdom 47 MINS
10. The Kings of Joy 53 MINS
When many people think of the Ten Commandments, they think of rules that are outdated, backwards, and restrictive. We don't want a faith that is all about lists of things we are not supposed to do. Many Christians also wonder if the Ten Commandments are an Old Testament thing that we shouldn't worry about anymore. How do we determine which parts to follow? Should they hold the same place in our lives as New Testament teaching?

In this nine week series, J.D. Greear, the lead pastor of The Summit Church in Raleigh, North Carolina, teaches that this perception of a list of don'ts is completely wrong. "I want to show you that the Ten Commandments are not a path to bondage, but a path to freedom." God's commands are not to regulate our outward behavior. He gives them in order to shape our hearts. Learning to use the Commandments for freedom's sake will give us a wonderful glimpse of what our hearts look like.
1. God's Laws and Our Lives 59 MINS
2. No Other Gods 50 MINS
3. Don't Remake God In Your Image 48 MINS
4. Living for the Weekend 46 MINS
5. You Shall Not Kill 55 MINS
6. Thou Shalt Have Great Sex 54 MINS
7. Thou Shalt be Generous 49 MINS
8. Thou Shalt Be Able to Handle ... 56 MINS
9. Thou Shalt Know that God is ... 57 MINS
A complaint that we often hear in Christian circles is that people have forgotten God. Some will point out that our society has kicked God out of our government, schools and town halls, assuming that atheism has run rampant in this country. The rate of atheists, however, is at a historic low. Only 3.5% of Americans claim there is no God. Most people do not ask the question, "Is there a God?" but "Which God is the right one?" Most non-believers will look for whatever perception of God is most comfortable for them to follow.

J.D. Greear, lead pastor of The Summit Church in Raleigh, North Carolina, teaches this eight part series to answer the prevalence of pluralism in our society. Whether it is a named God of a false religion or a common idol like wealth or entertainment, our society is constantly offering alternatives to Jesus. These idols come from people who believe that it doesn't matter what you call God, as long as you do it sincerely. J.D. walks us through Scripture and shows that God's identity does matter. Jesus is something better and something greater that every little god the world would like to offer.
1. Preparation for the Battle 53 MINS
2. A God Like No Others 47 MINS
3. One God or Many 1 HR
4. When Godly People get Depressed 46 MINS
5. Burn the Plows The Call of ... 51 MINS
6. Making Room for the Greater ... 51 MINS
7. Clear Eyes Full Heart 54 MINS
8. One Small Step 54 MINS
Many Christians have prayed the sinner's prayer in church, at a camping retreat, with their Bible study leaders, and once or twice at home in bed. We often hear pastors teach, "Once saved, always saved," but what if you don't feel confident that you were saved in the first place? Many would rather repeatedly offer that prayer than make an assumption with their eternal soul on the line.

In this five part sermons series, J.D. Greear, lead pastor of The Summit Church in Raleigh, North Carolina, teaches that we can have assurance of salvation. In J.D.'s own estimation, "by the time I graduated high school, I'd probably prayed the sinner's prayer about 5,000 times." As a pastor and former atoner, J.D. has thought in depth about this topic and written a book titled Stop Asking Jesus into Your Heart: How to Know You are Saved. Using the same careful research, he assures us that we may be certain and offers a biblical basis for finding reaffirming signs of salvation in our own lives.
1. Being Certain You Can Be ... 53 MINS
2. Certainty Through Experience 55 MINS
3. Three Attitudes Toward Sin That ... 1 HR 4 MINS
4. Assured Because of your Love of ... 53 MINS
5. Assured Because Our Love For ... 1 HR 6 MINS
According to a 2011 Barna study, about half of all Americans have prayed something like the sinner's prayer, but half of those have no regular presence in church and believe the Bible is incorrect in substantial portions. Even more live lives that look no different from the world. These people have spiritual blind spots. They believe they are Christians but are actually far from Jesus. This kind of superficial faith is really no faith at all. Then there are many more people who do not even acknowledge Jesus. They feel it is impossible for them to believe in Christ and have no trouble saying so. If they make any kind of faith claim, it is certainly not Christianity.

Both of these groups have belief problems. Both groups. whether they admit it or not, can't believe in the true gospel. J.D. Greear is the lead pastor at The Summit Church in Raleigh, North Carolina. In this series he teaches seven stories in the Gospel of John that depict people who encounter Jesus but can't believe in him. J.D. will teach us that these people who encountered Jesus are just like many of us, and he will encourage us to know Jesus more deeply, see his glory anew, and go out with a renewed confidence to tell the world about him.
1. The Religiously Immunized 56 MINS
2. The Sexual Captive 1 HR 4 MINS
3. The Shortsighted 1 HR
4. The Disappointed 54 MINS
5. The Passive 55 MINS
6. The Failure 54 MINS
7. The Skeptic 50 MINS
God built us for relationships. They supply the most joy we experience, but also the most heartache. Whether you are single or married, whether you consider friendships or romances, you understand the potential intensity and conflict of relationships. How do you live a life full of relationships that honor God and encourage you in our faith.

J.D. Greear, the lead pastor at The Summit Church in Raleigh, North Carolina, teaches this six session in Ephesians 5 on the theme of building gospel-centered relationships. This passage focuses on marriage, but the lessons apply to all of us. Our first love is Jesus, and all other loves should be enhanced by, and secondary to, our love for him.
1. This Light and Momental ... 1 HR 1 MIN
2. One Simple Question 50 MINS
3. Friendship and Communication 56 MINS
4. Fighting Jesus Style 56 MINS
5. God's Purpose and Plan for ... 56 MINS
6. Sex Mystery 54 MINS
Note: The real-life stories in this series contain mature themes.*

What's holding you back?

Do you feel like life is full of rules, boundaries and limitations? Many think that Christianity only adds to the restrictions on how we live. But life in Christ is not supposed to hold you back. The gospel propels us forward in ways you never imagined.

In these four youth Bible study sessions, J.D. Greear uses Scripture to show that being a Christian is not about learning to obey rules. Being a follower of Christ means immersing ourselves deeply in the gospel, because that's when all the things God wants to see in us are produced.

With biblical teaching and real-life stories, this series will help students live a life that demonstrates God's compassion—as seen on the cross—and His power—as seen in the resurrection.

Four sessions:
Session 1 – Fuel for the Flame
Session 2 – Reckless Abandon
Session 3 – Radical Generosity
Session 4 – Audacious Faith

J.D. Greear bio:
J.D. Greear pastors the Summit Church in the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina. Tagged by Outreach magazine as one of the fastest-growing churches in America, the Summit has grown in the past eight years from 400 to over 4,500 in attendance each Sunday. The Summit Church is deeply involved in global church planting, having undertaken the mission to planting 1,000 churches out of its congregation in the next 40 years.

J.D. has authored a number of publications, including Gospel: Recovering the Power that Made Christianity Revolutionary. J.D. Greear did his Ph.D. work at the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. He lives in Raleigh with his wife, Veronica, and their four children.
Trailer 2 MINS
1. Fuel for the Flame 21 MINS
2. Reckless Abandon 23 MINS
3. Radical Generosity 21 MINS
4. Audacious Faith 24 MINS
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