Slugs & Bugs: The Music Videos Volume 1
Slugs & Bugs: The Music Videos Volume 1
1. Tractor, Tractor 4 MINS
2. Bears 2 MINS
3. Mexican Rhapsody 2 MINS
4. God Made Me 2 MINS
5. Tiger 1 MIN
6. Chicken Wiggle 2 MINS
7. Dizzy 2 MINS
8. God Makes Messy Things ... 2 MINS
9. I'm Adopted 3 MINS
10. Jesus Loves Me 2 MINS
11. Ninja 1 MIN
12. The Postman 2 MINS
13. Shepherd Dad 3 MINS
14. Stop 3 MINS
15. I Wanna Help 2 MINS
16. Where You Gonna Go 3 MINS
17. Who's Got The Ball 4 MINS

Show:   Slugs & Bugs
Publisher:   Brentwood Studios - 2018
children, kids, praise, songs
Slugs & Bugs rejects the compartmentalization of life into sacred and secular and declares with great gusto that Christ is the head of all things. He is the head of kite flying and river floating, ice fishing and sky diving, nap taking, bike riding, belly laughing and taking out the trash.

Our small hope is that the joyful creativity of Slugs & Bugs music will delight your whole family. Our grand hope is that Slugs & Bugs kids would find it natural to remember Jesus in their homework, in their friendships, and one day, in the parenting of our grandchildren.

We believe songs are one of God’s powerful tools for building strong relationships. When songs inspire laughter or deep spiritual thought, they can transform a routine car ride into a sweet family experience. Over time, that influence can profoundly impact the culture of the home.

Slugs & Bugs aims to write those songs. We want families to sing together, laugh together, and think deeply together about the meaning of life and the nature of God. We believe those shared experiences will translate into stronger relationships in the family and a deeper understanding of their relationship with Jesus.

That’s where we’re aiming, but making music the whole family can agree on is a great place to start!

Show:   Slugs & Bugs
Publisher:   Brentwood Studios - 2018
children, kids, praise, songs
Slugs & Bugs has applied its unique blend of sincerity and silliness to songs filled with lyrics straight from Scripture. The captivating melodies will have you and your kids memorizing Bible verses without even realizing it.
1. Freedom 4 MINS
2. Two Shirts 3 MINS
3. Do You Not Know 4 MINS
4. Stars 3 MINS
5. Let Your Light Shine 3 MINS
6. Get Up 4 MINS
7. Hear O Israel 3 MINS
8. Be Dressed 4 MINS
9. Old Testament Song 2 MINS
10. The Ten Commandments 3 MINS
11. Love One Another 2 MINS
12. I Am The Vine 3 MINS
13. Trust In The Lord 4 MINS
14. Above Yourselves 3 MINS
15. The Love Of Christ 4 MINS
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