CORE Series 1 Mariano Rivera
CORE Series 1
Mariano Rivera
Trailer 5 MINS
1. Called 10 MINS
2. Transformation 10 MINS
3. Redemption 9 MINS
4. Restoration 12 MINS
5. Purpose 12 MINS
6. Brotherhood 9 MINS
7. Choices 9 MINS
8. Pain 12 MINS
9. Identity 10 MINS
10. Suffering 11 MINS
Join Mariano Rivera, the Acho Brothers, Propaganda, a former Navy Seal and many others in these 10 thought provoking films focused on real people facing real life challenges. CORE Series 1 is a tool that will give a man connection with his brothers, permission to be real, confidence in who he is, and vision for what he’s for. It is designed to be gone through with a group of guys. The Participant Guide is the tool that links the films to the group discussion and personal study.  
  CORE Series 1 - Participant Guide
  CORE Series 1 - DVD
  Facilitator Kit
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