Divorce Support Anonymous Kathey Batey
Divorce Support Anonymous
Kathey Batey
1. Introduction 4 MINS
2. Stage 1 Part 1 9 MINS
3. Stage 1 Part 2 11 MINS
4. Stage 2 Part 1 11 MINS
5. Stage 2 Part 2 15 MINS
6. Stage 3 Part 1 9 MINS
7. Stage 3 Part 2 11 MINS
8. Stage 4 Part 1 8 MINS
9. Stage 4 Part 2 11 MINS

Speaker:   Kathey Batey
Publisher:   Kathey Batey - 2018
acceptance, decisions, divorce, emotion, marriage
Divorce is a very difficult and traumatic time that you should not go through alone. You need support. Divorce Support Anonymous contains a video series, workbook and books to give you guidance and hope through every aspect of divorce. Divorce is messy and complex. To help you manage this trauma, we put it into 4 stages; Emotions, Decisions, Acceptance and Moving Forward.

Kathey Batey has been facilitating divorce groups since 2005. After working with hundreds to individuals she brings it down to practical steps for anyone separated, divorcing or has completed their divorce.

Speaker:   Kathey Batey
Publisher:   Kathey Batey - 2018
acceptance, decisions, divorce, emotion, marriage

How Not To Screw Up Your Kids Going Through Divorce is a series of child experts offering practical tools to parents going through divorce. The series starts with parents first being healthy with Leslie Vernick. The topics expand to: what your children are experiencing, Linda Alderfer (DC4K national director), Dr. Kathy Koch how parents can meet their children’s core needs, Ally Parenting with Cynthia Klein. Dr. Laila Risgallah on the trauma in children. Warnings of bringing in new adults into your children’s lives with Laura Petherbridge. The practicality of prayer over your children with Jenny Dean Schmidt (Channel Mom) and so much more!! Led by Kathey Batey of Divorce Support Anonymous.

1. Introduction and Getting ... 41 MINS
2. Children’s Needs During Divorce ... 59 MINS
3. Cautions and Ally Parenting 40 MINS
4. Childhood Trauma, The Power of ... 41 MINS
5. The Importance of Dads, Bonding ... 25 MINS
The holiday season can be extremely difficult if you have gone through the trauma of divorce. Our heartfelt prayers for you during the season, to find hope and guidance through these first holidays after divorce.
May you experience Christ in a tender and more profound way than ever before. God has not divorced you, He knows you intimately and loves you during these difficult moments and difficult times.
May He give you hope through Jesus Christ and a new vision of your life throughout the holidays and the upcoming new year.
1. Preparing for Thanksgiving 15 MINS
2. Experiencing Thanksgiving 14 MINS
3. Preparing for Christmas 18 MINS
4. Experiencing Christmas 13 MINS
5. Preparing & Experiencing the ... 16 MINS
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